On today's Dr. Oz. Show, Dr. Oz talked about herbal remedies that can help clear up some common maladies. One of those herbal remedies is for brittle nails. So, what could possibly be the remedy for brittle nails? Horsetail Extract Brittle Nail Remedy!

Dr. Oz, What is Horsetail Extract Brittle Nail Remedy?

On the show it was suggested that women stay clear of acrylic nails because that can actually make it worse. Instead use Horsetail Extract Brittle Nail Remedy which contains silica. Silica is an important trace element and is necessary for healthy tissues including nails!

Horsetail Extract Brittle Nail Remedy Directions

Horsetail extract comes in a tea form or a supplement. Drink 1 cup per day. 

Where Can I Buy Horsetail Extract?