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  • Bpi Nite-Burn 30 Caps
  • Bpi A-HD Elite 500mg
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Deadline Diet Stack

BPI Deadline Diet Stack is designed to help you get the lean body you want while building muscle and strength.  B4 will turn your expectations into reality and burn fat while supporting mood and focus, elevating energy, promoting metabolism, and enhancing stamina and endurance.  This product will attack the fat by using potent CNS stimulant properties, dopamine modulation, and adipose tissue regulation.  BPI B4 is the most exclusive high-end dual sports performance and weight loss supplement available and is unlike any other pre-workout or diet pill out there.  BPI Nite-Burn is a non-stimulant, thermogenic nighttime formula designed to burn fat and helps promote a healthy, deep sleep.  A better and deeper rest equals faster recovery times so you can train harder in the gym each day.  BPI A-HD Elite is an extremely powerful, double strength testosterone supporting agent that has potential to promote a healthy estrogen balance.  A-HD Elite is a new form of A-HD in which it has incorporated the newest scientific findings and contains cutting-edge researched ingredients.          


  • BPI B4 30 Caps– 1 bottle:  Burns body fat, improves mood and concentration, curbs cravings, and increases energy levels.   
  • BPI Nite-Burn 30 Caps – 1 bottle:  Promotes healthy weight loss, supports bedtime relaxtation, and effectively manages appetite.    
  • BPI A-HD Elite 500mg 30 Caps – 1 package:  Helps promote testosterone support, a healthy aromatase balance, and increased energy.    


  • BPI B4:  Take one serving 20-30 minutes before training, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.  On non-training days, take one serving for continued support of fat burning capacity. 
  • BPI Nite-Burn:  Take one capsule prior to bedtime, or as suggested by a qualified healthcare practitioner.    
  • BPI A-HD Elite:  Take one capsule daily, in the morning at the same time each day, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner.  Must be taken on a full stomach.  For best results take four to eight consecutive weeks (1-2 cycles).  A four week break between cycles is recommended.
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