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Cellucor Pump Shredding Stack

-1 Bottle Cellucor C4 Extreme

-1 Bottle Cellucor Super HD

Cellucor Pump Shredding Stack Directions:

Caution: Before taking this product read the manufacturer's directions on how to use these products.

On Training Days: Take Cellucor C4 extreme in the morning or before workouts! Allow 6-8 hours before or after workoluts when  taking Cellucor Super HD or any other stimulant. Take Cellucor C4 Extreme 30 minutes before your workouts to ensure optimum results!

On Non-Training Days: Take Cellucor Super HD in the morning or afternoon. Make sure you always assess tolerance before use!

Cellucor C4 Extreme

Pre-Workout With NO3! Explosive Workouts!


Since the beginning of time, energy has been the world's most sought after commodity. In ancient mythology, Prometheus stole fire and gave man his first flame. In today's world, wars are fought over energy.

The supplement universe has a war of its own; countless brands employ relentless advertising and promotional campaigns to announce that their product delivers the most energy. No product has ever fully delivered on this seemingly simple promise; customer's routinely admit they stray from brand to brand, product to product, to try and find a better solution—and a product that will remain effective after the first few doses.

The Search is over; Cellucor has the answer. C4 Extreme is powdered energy. Harnessing our NO3 technology and effective ingredients including creatine nitrate, Beta Alanine, and Arginine AKG, C4 Extreme is our advanced pre-workout supplement, possessing the power to ignite your mind, muscles, and workout regiment, workout after workout after workout.

What is NO3? NO3 is Nitrate, an advanced compound that promotes unbelievable muscle pumps and amplifies the effectiveness of C4 Extreme. Cellucor is utilizing a new compound where NO3 has been fused to create Creatine Nitrate. Increased water solubility promotes better absorption and reduce the chance of the traditional side effects of Creatine supplementation.

You will have more energy. You will have help getting that extra rep, completing that last set - promoting strength, endurance, and physique personal bests.

Cellucor Super HD

Super HD Fat Targeting & Sculpting Agent 60caps by Cellucor

After months of closely guarded research and development, and an exhaustive beta testing period, Cellucor has constructed a perfect, powerful thermogenic - a cutting edge product that delivers High-Def clarity, to your mind, and your body.

Behold, Super HD!

Cellucor Super HD combines powerful fat-burning
ingredients and potent nootropic compounds to deliver a powerful energy, focus, and "feel-good" weight loss product. Super HD contains Rauwolfia, Amla Fruit, and Yohimbe extract to deliver the most intense and high-powered fat incinerating and energy blend on the market.

Super HD Features IFAS503: A novel ingredient comprised of three potent Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS) inhibitors: Camellia sinensis extract, Tuber Fleeceflower extract and Chinese Mistletoe extract. Inhibiting FAS interrupts the fat-storing process that can greatly reduce the body's ability to store fat. Additionally, several clinic
al trials have shown that inhibiting FAS provides powerful appetite support helping you stay on track to your high-def results.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

Cellucor Super HD Ingredients

For Additional Directions on how to use this check out Cellucor C4 Extreme and Cellucor Super HD!

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  • From Don at 2/18/2015 8:14 AM
    • can i stack c4 extreme with other allmax nutrition
    • We just recommend that you do not take C4 or Super HD with any stimulant supplements from Allmax Nutrition. Such as Razor 8 or Rapid Cuts. Any other supplements should be fine to stack with.

Customer Reviews

Money to burn? Review by Michael
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PWO powders and Weight loss supps tend to attract those whom are relatively inexperienced with training. This to me is a bit of a reason to avoid them. There are no quick fixes, and if you have to rely on a PWO to train you WILL fail. If you have to rely on a cutting supp you WILL fail. Learning to do it on your own is really the only way to succeed.
I've used C4 on and off for a while, but I doubt I will buy it again. The first time it worked well, but after a while the effects were more mental (oh, I had better have it) than actually physical. (To be clear, after a while it did almost NOTHING for me).
Meanwhile, Super HD did very little for me over counting calories. In fact, if you are trying to use this and not adjust your diet you will be sad. And if you are trying to use this on top of a solid diet you will be sad. The first because it doesn't work, the latter because it doesn't work much better (if at all).
No shortcuts. Love what you do. Posted on 3/1/2015
Average Review by Peyton
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Overall, this C4 and Super HD stack is average. I recognize that many people love these products, but I am just not a big fan of pre-workout. I hate the feeling I get right after taking them, and I eventually just feel sick. However, Optimum Nutrition's amino energy is a great one to try. That is probably the only one I will keep using. Posted on 1/21/2015
Great Workout Boosters Review by Alex
Total Rating
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These products definitely gave me the jolt I needed in my workout. I noticed I had considerable more energy
(I workout early in the morning) than before. My workouts are harder and I am lifting heavier than before, in return allowing me to build lean muscle better than before. Definitely would recommend! Posted on 7/19/2014
Stacking Review by Jess
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Total Rating
Both of these products are great. But this review is to warn buyers that it is not recommended to take them together, or stack, in the same day. Both contain a very good amount of caffeine and other energy enhancing stimulants that when taken together can make one feel jittery, overwhelmed, and also it just isnt good for you. The HD is better for a longer lasting energy while helping to burn fat by increasing metabolism. However I thought C4 was a little bit better preworkout stimulant. So it all depneds on what youre looking to benefit from. Personally I go through a 60 tablet bottle of HD then take a break and switch to a 60 serving can of C4, then repeat. I only use either on them on days I work out which is usually 5-6 days a week with 1-2 rest days. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water with most any supplement bc most can dehydrate you quickly. Posted on 9/11/2012
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