CoEnzyme A Tech CoEnzyme A 90 Gels

CoEnzyme A Tech CoEnzyme A 90 Gels

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CoEnzyme A Tech CoEnzyme A 90 Gels

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally-occuring compound found in every cell in the body. Coenzyme Q10's alternate name, ubiquinone, comes from the word ubiquitous, which means "found everywhere." CoQ10 plays a key role in producing energy in the mitochondria, the part of a cell responsible for the production of energy in the form of ATP. 



  • Promotes Heart health: CoQ10 fuels your heart's energy production.
  • Increases Energy support: As you age, your body produces energy less efficiently and needs CoQ10 to help.
  • Improves Brain function: CoQ10 ensures sharp brain function as you age.




Proprietary formula

Calcium Pyruvate 46 mg

Magnesium ( as dimagnesium malate) 20 mg

Coenzyme A Modulator Matrix-ITM1000mg

Pantethine Powder

Calcium Pyruvate

dimagnesium malate

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL

L-Cysteine HCL 


As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule with water on an empty stomach, 2 times a day.


Consult with a physician before starting any supplement regimen

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Customer Reviews

Not Great (Review by Seth)
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Most of the time products like these with random amino acids and vitamins and minerals will not make a huge difference. This product might be for those who have some extra money and are really trying everything that they can to help with brain function and energy. I would start with trying to eat better, sleep more and reduce stress in your life before buying something like this. Just beware when they say “studies have shown.” Does not mean it will give you any noticeable difference. (Posted on 10/23/2016)
Helped my metabolsim (Review by asianwuwe)
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This is a pretty good product. It helped my metabolism a lot. Also when taking this product I felt a lot more relaxed. I felt a calming sesnstation which was nice. I took this everyday before I woke up and i felt awesome! (Posted on 9/12/2014)
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