iForce Nutrition Dusty Hanshaw's USA Preparation Stack!

iForce Nutrition Dusty Hanshaw's USA Preparation Stack!

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iForce Nutrition Dusty Hanshaw's USA Preparation Stack!

  • 1 Bottle of iForce Nutrition Conquer
  • 1 Bottle of iForce Nutrition Tropinol XP
  • 1 Bottle of iForce Nutrition Reversitol V2

Dusty Hanshaw's USA Preparation Stack Instructions

iForce Conquer

For Extreme Workout Performance, mix 1 level scoop with 10-12 ounces of water and consume approximately 30 minutes prior to training. Important: For first time users, begin with 1/2 scoop to asses your tolerance. For sustained energy and amino acid support: mix one level scoop with 8-10 ounces of water.

iForce Nutrition Tropinol XP

Workout Days Consume 4 servings (4 Capsules), 30-60 minutes prior to your workout.

Non Workout Days Consume 2 servings (2 Capsules) upon waking and another 2 servings (2 capsules) 6-8 hours later in the day.

iForce Nutrition Reversitol V2

Take 3 capsules per day. Two capsules upon waking and 1 capsule just before bed. Do not exceed 8 weeks of continuous use




Coming off his biggest win to date at the 2010 Jr. Nationals, Dusty knew he had to make even more impressive improvements to place well at the 2010 USA's.

After speaking with the top scientists working for iForce Nutrition, Dusty agreed to be the first IFBB pro caliber athlete to test Tropinol. He paired Tropinol with Maximize V2 & Reversitol V2 and was able to bring his heaviest & driest physique EVER to the 2010 USA's.

When asked how he made such incredible improvements in such a short amount of time, Dusty's only response was “I'm no scientist so I can't really say how my physique improved so quick... all I know is the only thing that changed was me adding in Tropinol for the 8 weeks before my show. I got bigger & leaner so quickly all of my normal training buddies were angry that I didn't have any more of my “secret formula” for them to try out."

Dusty adds, "If it's getting ready for a show, or getting huge in the off season, Tropinol is without a doubt the my secret weapon against the competition."

iForce Nutrition Conquer New Preworkout Supplement

60 Servings!

First it was Maximize Intense and after a huge success the brand that has brought you some of the most impressive formulas to date has outdone itself yet gain with Conquer! Utilizing a blend of ingredients that will give you the energy, focus, & intensity you have come to expect from a quality preworkout. But iForce didn’t just stop at boosting mental performance, with added Creatine, Agmatine, Creatinol O Phosphate & L-Norvaline you can also ensure your body is primed to conquer your workout too. Conquer is available in fruit punch slam flavor and raspberry lemonade flavor. You can also check out the different stacks available with Conquer and take your workout to the next level!

Available in Raspberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch Flavors!

iForce Nutrition Tropinol

Since the second ban of pro-hormones in 2009, the supplement industry has seen dozens of "natural testosterone boosters" that claim to do everything pro-hormones did with zero side effects. Despite massive industry hype, these products have been released and have failed miserably.

The most popular of these testosterone boosters on the market right now, D-Aspartic-Acid, has been gaining steam due to its cheap price tag and its claim of being able to increase testosterone levels by 42% or higher in as little as 12 days. Sounds awesome, right? Well it's not.

A 42% increase in testosterone will relate to almost nothing in terms of muscle/strength gained in the gym. Imagine a user has a testosterone level of 600 (pretty average for the 21-35 year old male) and uses D-Aspartic Acid to increase his levels by the full 42%. This person is now left with a total testosterone level of 852. Now while this is a great level for your natural testosterone levels, it is still well within "normal" ranges, and will not facilitate anything besides an increase in libido level.

To get actual results from increased testosterone, it is necessary to push your body past it's natural limits, and enter the supra-physiological levels(1500+). The only problem with this is that it's just not possible to get your testosterone levels that high without dangerous pro-hormones/steroids... OR IS IT?!?!

iForce Nutrition just released the strongest all natural product the world has ever seen. It is the ONLY natural product that can raise testosterone levels into the supra-physiological level. That's right. It's the ONLY one. Stop wasting your time on a product that boasts a measly 42% increase in testosterone, and use one that actual works!

This product has been in the works almost an entire year, and after countless hours spent on research and development, iForce is confident we are years ahead of our time, and we will all see pigs flying before a stronger natural product is created.

Talk is cheap and promises come easy. What can it really do?
1.) One ingredient in this product has been shown to raise natural testosterone by 347%!
2.) One ingredient in this product has been shown to reduce estrogen by 35%!
3.) One ingredient in this product has been shown to raise natural testosterone by 80%!
4.) One ingredient in this product has been shown to have an intensely strong correlation to high testosterone levels in the human male!
5.) You will feel this product from your very first dose!

Now it's time for the SCIENCE behind Tropinol:
1.) Tropinol's main ingredient has been shown to raise natural Testosterone by 347% while simultaneously lowering estrogen by 35%!

2.) Tropinol's second ingredient has been shown to be able to raise natural testosterone levels by up to 80%! Here is an exert from the actual study!

3.) Tropinol's third ingredient has been shown to have an incredibly strong correlation to Testosterone levels in men. This means the higher levels of this compound you have, the higher your Testosterone levels will become! Here is an exert from the actual study!

4.) Tropinol contains a specialized mental enhancer to insure you get the most intense and effective workouts of your life. Known as Methyltheobromine, this mental enhancer will give you the mental and physical edge to have stronger workouts than ever before. This compound also makes it possible to see the effects of Tropinol on the very first dose!

5.) Tropinol's main ingredient was compared with Viagra in a head to head study. For the first time in history, a naturally occurring herb outperformed the #1 selling male enhancement drug in the world!

Simply put, Tropinol is the REAL DEAL. With years of scientific research behind it, a completely unique main ingredient not found anywhere else, and INSANE in house testing to prove its efficiency, Tropinol is without a doubt exactly what you've been looking for. Stop falling for hyped up products that don't deliver. If the product claims it is "magic" you know there is no science behind it whatsoever and it won't do a thing! Use only the most tested, tried, and true testosterone enhancer on the market... TROPINOL

iForce Nutrition Tropinol Directions:

Tropinol was designed to maximize your bodies hormonal amplification. In order to optimize hormonal activation, take one serving upon waking, and take one serving 30-45 minutes before your workout. If you work out in the morning, or on non-training days, take one serving upon waking, and one serving 8-10 hours later. Do not consume more than 3 servings in a 24 hour period. Cycle this product for 8-12 weeks.

iFORCE Reversitol V2 84 Caps

Reversitol has quickly set the standard in natural hormonal modulation. Athletes across the world supplement their diets with Reversitol V2 which may promote peak hormonal production for increased performance, muscle mass, and strength. Supplementing your diet with Reversitol may promote complete optimization of key probolic and anti-catabolic hormones, while controlling hormones that can hinder your gains and reduce your bodies probolic potential.

Specifically Engineered for Extreme Growth. By shifting the production of key probolic hormones Testosterone, Estrogen, and Cortisol, your body will be primed to increase cellular hypertrophy as well as quickly increase strength adaptations. This will result in faster gains in lean muscle mass. If you are ready to dramatically increase your muscle mass and strength, its time you used a hormonal modulator that's second to none, Reversitol V2 supplementation is the answer to unlocking your maximum potential.

Harness the power of Reversitol V2. Controlling the body's enzymes are key to creating an probolic environment that promotes muscle growth. These enzymatic effects are measured by what is called a Ki Value. This Ki value directly measures the changes in the expression of a given enzyme. By analyzing the changes in Ki Values, its easy to see how effective a given compound is at controlling, reducing, or increasing the expression of an enzyme. In our case we are concerned with the aromatase enzyme. This enzyme controls the creation of estrogen metabolites that can decrease muscle mass and increase fat storage. Reversitol V2 crushes the competition, promoting an enzymatic avalanche thats sets your body's hormonal response into overdrive by jacking up testosterone levels and promoting the reduction of aromatase expression.

iForce Reversitol Directions:

Take 3 capsules per day. One capsule upon waking and 2 capsules just before bed. Use this product for 4-8 weeks followed by an off period of 4 weeks before resuming use.

iForce Nutrition Conquer iForce Nutrition Tropinol XP, iForce Nutrition Reversitol V2.


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This stack is for people that are money conscious. One thing that I like about it is that is it pretty cheap compared with buying each of these supplements individually or if you went with another stack by another brand. However, the results from this stack are not really going to be as great as if you went with a more well known science backed stack, but it is still good. The main benefits come from the pre workout and testosterone booster. Posted on 10/23/2016
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