IronMag Labs Super 1-Andro Rx 60 Caps

IronMag Labs Super 1-Andro

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IronMag Labs Super 1-Andro Rx Prohormone | 60 Caps

Andro is a prohormone that has been used over the years for two reasons...mass and strength. This prohormone is very popular for our customers wanting to put on the most mass and strength in the shortest time possible. 1-Andro is one of the few prohormones that converts to 1-Testosterone, which is important. But this type is actually 7 times more probolic and one of the safest on the market.


One of the best features about this prohormone is it's ability to stack with almost anything. Because it is non-methylated, you can stack 1-andro with many different products including 4-andro and epi-andro. Now depending your goals, you can either take 1-andro/4-andro, 1-andro/4-andro or you can even take all three for the ultimate muscle building stack.

SARM Stacking

Stacking specifically with SARMs is a question we receive all the time as well. You can stack 1-andro with any SARM for added muscle building. With SARMs though, it is recommended to take an estrogen blocker has they can increase estrogen levels, though very rare.

Benefits & Expected Results

What makes this prohormone so popular?

  • Lean Mass Gains
  • Strength & Power Gains
  • Can also be used to get that ripped look
  • Does not convert to estrogen
  • Does not convert to DHT
  • No bloating

Many customers are worried about side effects. Unlike the methylated prohormones that were banned in 2014, these types of prohormones are much safer and don't have the potential serious side effects that the previous ones have had. But to keep the chances of any side effects low, make sure to take cycle support and post cycle support supplements.

Read our 1-Andro Guide to Answer Any Questions You Have About This Product.

Supplement Facts & Ingredients

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings per container: 60

 Amount per serving%DV
3b-enanthoxyandrost-1-en-17-one 50mg **
6,7-dihydrogergamottin 45% 15mg **
Piperine 5mg **
**(DV)Daily Value Not Established  

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Gelatine, Magnesium Stearate, Silica.


IronMagLabs states to take 1-2 capsules of Super 1-Andro twice per day spread evenly through the day (up to 4 capsules per day). One cycle should be 8 weeks before taking at least 6 to 8 weeks off. After that you can cycle this again.


During Weeks 1-4 ~ 1-Andro Rx™ 2 capsules per day (1 cap AM & 1 cap PM)
During Weeks 1-4 ~ Advanced Cycle Support Rx™ - 2 capsules per day (organ and lipid support)
During Weeks 5-8 ~ Ultra Male Rx™ - 1 capsule per day (post cycle therapy)

If adding a SARM to your cycle, make sure to only use it during the time you are taking your 1-andro.

How to Keep Your Gains & Stop Any Unwanted Side Effects

We recommend adding these products to your cycle as well. These will not only help stop any unwanted side effects, but also further help keep your gains after taking this prohormone.

Cycle Support

While taking any prohormone, you want to stay as healthy as possible. That is why it's recommended to take IronMag Labs Advanced Cycle Support with this prohormone.

Post Cycle Therapy

This is need to get your natural testosterone flowing again after your 4 weeks on cycle. It helps you keep those hard earned gains. The recommended product is IronMag Labs Anabolic Matrix Rx or Ultra Male Rx for this.

If Gyno is An Issue

Though most prohormones claim it's not an issue and we have never had any complaints about this product, gyno can be scary for anyone. We recommend taking IronMag Labs E-Control Rx starting week 3 of your post cycle therapy to help prevent it.

Back Pumps

Most people don't have an issue with them, but some people (especially if you don't drink enough water) get back pumps sometime during their cycle. It's easy and cheap to stop them from happening. Just take Allmax Nutrition Taurine (It's only $9.99). We recommend taking up to 3 grams with breakfast lunch and dinner.

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Questions on IronMag Labs Super 1-Andro Rx 60 Caps

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  • From Phoenix at 8/29/2015 3:00 AM
    • Do your products contain caffeine?
    • No, this product does not contain caffeine. IronMag Labs Super 1-Andro is a testosterone booster to help with strength, muscle mass and libido.
  • From Jared at 8/31/2015 4:14 PM
    • Can I stack this with any other products? Is there anything I shouldn't stack it with?
    • Yes, as we state on our website, this prohormone can be stacked with many other products. The most popular products that people stack this with are:

      - 4 Andro
      - Epi Andro
      - Ostapure SARM
  • From MintMan at 8/31/2015 4:15 PM
    • What side effects can this cause if I take this? I am 26 years old and am worried about some of the side effects I have heard about.
    • It won't have the side effects that prohormones from the past had...specifically the ones that were banned back in 2014. With any type of testosterone booster, it can cause acne, hair loss and aggression in the gym. These are all rare, but are potential side effects.
  • From Will at 8/31/2015 4:15 PM
    • What type of results can I expect from using 1-andro? Mass? Good for cutting and fat loss?
    • 1-Andro is best for those looking to build strength and get that more ripped look. It's not going to put on mass like 4-andro, but will help increase lean muscle mass and strength, but work to keep you with a more ripped look. Most customers use this for fat loss, dieting and cutting for shows. Seems to work best in those cases. But depending on your goals, you can stack this with other prohormones on the market.
  • From Justin at 9/21/2015 11:09 AM
    • Are there any side effects I should be worried about with this prohormone? What about results. What can I expect?
    • There are possible side effects with almost any prohormone you take. Now with these though, you won't get the nasty side effects that you got with the banned ones of the past. Now though these are rare, some side effects are aggression, acne, hair loss and libido changes. This is due to the increase of testosterone in the body. Again, these are rare but can effect some people. This is why supplements like Cycle Support, a PCT and an Estrogen Blocker are taken my many customers.

      As for results, with 1-andro you can expect an increase in lean muscle, strength and loss of fat.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Good Andro Product Review by Brandon
Total Rating
Recommend to a Friend
Use Again
Iron Mag Labs did great with this andro product , 1 andro that is is great for lean dry gains i used one bottle of this followed up by pct ended up gaining some weight not alot about 4 lbs but i got leaner and dryer at the same time. looking to get aesthetic this is the product for you if your wanting to bulk go for the 4 andro (Posted on December 7, 2015)
Would you recommend this product to a friend? Likely

Awesome Prohormone Review by Kindly
Total Rating
Recommend to a Friend
Use Again
Love 1-andro. Perfect for cutting. Just finished up a cycle (purchased a couple bottles). Lose about 10lbs of mainly fat and look better than I have before. And the best thing is my strength went up. Can't beat that. Next though is 4-andro. Need to put on the mass for the winter...boorah! (Posted on September 21, 2015)
Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes

Got me ripped for the summer Review by Nate
Use Again
Total Rating
Recommend to a Friend
I switch back and forth between 4-andro and 1-andro throughout the year. When I am bulking I go for the 4-andro...when I am cutting I go with this. Just make sure to take the maximum dose and it's going to work wonders. Love this stuff...and the Super version is even better than the one before it. Nice work IML! (Posted on August 31, 2015)
Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes

Gained muscle Review by Chris
Recommend to a Friend
Use Again
Total Rating
This is an awesome pro hormone. My strength went super high and I added a lot of weight to all my presses. I take this in the morning. Take in a lot of fluids when you are on this so your liver will be ok. Good product if you want to gain mass! (Posted on November 22, 2014)
Would you recommend this product to a friend? Not sure

Strong like bull Review by Michael
Recommend to a Friend
Use Again
Total Rating
This is one of the first prohormones I tried and my strength went through the roof while using it. Added about 30lbs to my bench in 3 weeks. I highly recommend that you drink lots of water and take some kind of liver support while using this as it can be killer on your liver. And keep in mind that you may become a little more aggressive and slightly irritable. (Posted on July 13, 2014)
Would you recommend this product to a friend? Definitely yes

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