IronMag Labs Pro-Hydrolase Rx 120 Caps

IronMag Labs Pro-Hydrolase Rx 120 Caps

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IronMag Labs Pro-Hydrolase Rx 120 Caps

Helps The Body Absorb More Protein for Muscle Building and Recovery!

Want to make the most out of your protein consumption, muscle building and overall recovery? Than you need Pro-Hydrolase. This clinically proven supplement increases protein assimilation and amino acid absorption into the bloodstream. It also helps calm stomach issues that result from diets high in protein intake, which is common among bodybuilders and athletes.

Build More Muscle Mass

Pro-Hydrolase is a bio-sufficient supplement that was formulated by IronMag Labs to help you build more muscle mass and give you quicker recovery times. Pro-Hydrolase helps by breaking down the amino acids so your body absorbs the nutrients more effectively and more quickly. Pro-Hydrolase helps use more of the protein you are taking resulting in more lean muscle mass.

  • Takes full advantage of essential amino acids
  • Reduces the chances of digestion issues on high protein diets
  • Maximizes the absorption of protein supplements
  • Reduces the waste of protein in the body
  • Effective for whey, soy, egg, casein, pea and hemp proteins

Benefits & Results

So what should you expect from taking Pro-Hydrolase?

  • Build More Muscle Mass
  • Quicker Recovery Times
  • Less Stomach Discomfort From Protein

Directions & Dosage

Take 1-2 capsules of Pro-Hydrolase before meals high in starch, carbs or protein. Do not exceed more than 6 capsules per day. Most effective when used in conjunction with exercise and a sensible diet.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Pro Hydrolase Ingredients Label

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helps gain muscle Review by Lane
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Iron Mag Labs is a really cool supplement brand that typically makes pro hormone supplements. They also make many different kinds of supplements that have to do with pro hormones, such as a post cycle therapy treatment or drugs that are similar to that. This is a very interesting supplement because it basically can help increase protein synthesis and the effectiveness of other supplements you are taking, resulting in increased muscle mass put on. (Posted on MMMMMMMMMMMM 25, 16)
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