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What does the Monster Stack Include?

  • 1 Bottle of Isatori 3-XL
  • 1 Bottle of Isatory H Blocker


Isatori 3-XL

Isatori 3-XL increases delivery of the Tri-Strength Creatine Complex and Third Generation Nitric Oxide components to muscle cells via Accelerated Plasma Shuttle Technology, which when combined with a structured diet and intense weight- training regimen results in increased size, strength, and recovery time.  Isatori 3-XL has everything a bodybuilder is looking for in a supplement. 

Isatori 3-XL Benefits

  • Increased Size
  • Improved Recovery Time
  • Enhanced Blood Flow and Pumps
  • Increased Muscle Cell Volumization


Mix 1 scoop (20g) in eight ounces (236 mL) of water, and consume about 30 minutes AFTER exercise or physical activity. On non-training days, mix 1 scoop into eight ounces (236 mL) of water, and consume AFTER morning or afternoon meal. FOR BEST RESULTS, use continuously for a minimum of eight weeks.

Isatori H+ Blocker

Isatori H+ Blocker is a powerful pre-workout formula designed to intensify workout.  H+ Blocker contains carnosine and beta-alanine, ingredients that allow higher maintenance of ATP, delay muscle fatigue, and accelerate recovery time.  This powerful formula supports increased size and strength by allowing you extend your sets and workout past previous thresholds.   

Each container of Isatori H+ Blocker has 30 servings.  If you workout 3x per week, H+ Blocker will last 10 weeks.

Isatori H+ Blocker

  • Increased Size and Strength
  • Improved Recovery
  • Delayed Muscle Fatigue


Mix one scoop (20grams) in eight ounces of water, and consume 30 minutes prior to exercise or physical activity. On non training days, mix one scoop into eight ounces of water and consume with breakfast. Do not exceed 3 servings per day

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good stack for growth Review by Lane
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This is a good stack by iSatori. I am a big fan of some of the supplements that iSatori makes, and this is probably the best stack that they have out there. It contains a creatine complex with a nitric oxide booster, as well as a decent pre workout supplement that is very different than the average pre workout supplement. With all that being said, I would still say that this is too expensive. However, it can still be very beneficial to you and is a good product. Posted on Mar/08/00002016
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