Natra-Bio Bioallers Outdoor Allergy 60 Tablets

Natra-Bio Bioallers Outdoor Allergy 60 Tablets

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Natra-Bio Bioallers Outdoor Allergy 60 Tablets

Natra-Bio Bioallers Outdoor Allergy is a high quality supplement that contains ingredients to promote proper sinus health especially for those that suffer from Allergies. BioAllers is dedicated to producing advanced, natural health products formulated and manufactured to the highest quality standards. BioAllers provides symptom relief for allergy sufferers by stimulating the body's natural systems involved in allergic reactions. bioAllers combines precise levels of homeopathic ingredients with specific homeopathic allergens called allersodes. 


  • #1 Allergy Brand
  • All Region Relief
  • Advanced Formulations
  • Non-Drowsy Formulas
  • No Excessive Dryness or Thirst
  • bioAllers is The #1 Selling Homeopathic Allergy Brand in America


  • Temporarily relieves allergy and hay fever symptoms
  • Homeopathic
  • Sinus Pressure, Congestion
  • Sneezing & Running Nose
  • Itchy, Watery Eyes


For acute symptoms, chew and let dissolve in the mouth 2 tablets every 2 hours. For continued allergy relief, take 2 tablets 3 times daily. Children 2-12 years of age, take one half the adult dosage. For children under 2 yrs of age, consult your health care professional. Dosage for sensitive persons and asthma sufferers is contained in the package insert. For best reslults take in a clean mouth.


Supplement Facts:


Other Ingredients:>

Active Ingredients           Purpose

Adrenalinum 6X                decongestant

Allium cepa 6X   relieves allergy symptoms

Arsenicum lodatum 6X relieves allergy symptoms

Euphrasia officinalis 6X relieves allergy symptoms

Sabadilla 6X        relieves allergy symptoms

Silicea 6X              relieves allergy symptoms

Bellis perennis 12X          relieves allergy symptoms

Histaminum Hydrochloricum 12X              antihistamine

Ambrosia artemisiaefolia 12X     allergen (ragweed)

Artemisia vulgaris 12X    allergen (mugwort)

Brassica napus 12X          allergen (mustard)

Chenopodium anthelminticum 12X          allergen (wormseed)

Lonicera periclymenum 12X        allergen (honeysuckle)

Medicago sativa 12X       allergen (alfalfa)

Phleum pretense 12X    allergen (timothy grass)

Rumex crispus 12X          allergen (yellow dock)

Solidago virgaurea 12X   allergen (goldenrod)

Taraxicum officinale 12X               allergen (dandelion)

Trifolium repens 12X      allergen (white clover)

Xanthium strumarium 12X           allergen (cocklebur)

Inactive ingredients: cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, lactose, magnesium stearate.

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Customer Reviews

Allergies gone (Review by Chris)
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Natra-Bio Bioallers Outdoor Allergy 60 Tablets is an excellent product. After taking this product, my allergies is gone. I usually have a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. Before the spring season, I take 1 pill in the morning and sometimes one in the afternoon. The allergies are gone very quick. This product is amazing and worth the try if you have allergies. (Posted on 11/22/2015)
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