New Chapter Zyflamend 120 Soft Gels

New Chapter Zyflamend 120 Soft Gels

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New Chapter Zyflamend 120 Soft Gels

New Chapter Zyflamend is a Supercritical Inflammation Modulator that aids in promoting a healthy inflammation response for proper health. With research showing that is an effective supplement for promoting proper joint health and normal cell growth Zyflamend represents a breakthrough for stimulating that healthy inflammation response.


  • Promotes Healthy Joints
  • Promotes Normal Cell Growth
  • Signals a Healthy Inflammation Response


One softgel two times daily. Take in the middle of a larger meal with an 8 oz. glass of water.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 2 softgels

Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving

Rosemary (leaf) 100 mg supercritical extract and 50 mg hydroethanolic extract (23% total phenolic antioxidants [TPA] - 34.5 mg)

150 mg

Turmeric (rhizome) 10 mg supercritical extract (45% turmerones - 4.5 mg) and 100 mg hydroethanolic extract (7% curcuminoids - 7 mg)

110 mg

Ginger (rhizome) 54 mg supercritical extract (30% pungent compounds - 16.2mg, 8% zingiberene - 4.3 mg) and 46 mg hydroethanolic extract (3% pungent compounds - 1.4 mg)

100 mg

Holy Basil (leaf) hydroethanolic extract (2% ursolic acid - 2 mg)

100 mg

Green Tea (leaf) extract (45% polyphenols - 45 mg)

100 mg

Hu Zhang (Polygonum cuspidatum) (root and rhizome) hydroethanolic extract (8% resveratrols - 6.4 mg)

80 mg

Chinese Goldthread (root) hydroethanolic extract (6% berberine - 2.4 mg)

40 mg

Barberry (root) hydroethanolic extract (6% berberine - 2.4 mg)

40 mg

Oregano (leaf) supercritical extract (4% TPA - 1.6 mg)

40 mg

Baikal Skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) (root) hydroethanolic extract (17-26% baicalein complex, including baicalein and baicalin - 3.4-5.2 mg, and 0.4-0.9% wogonin - 0.08-0.18 mg)

20 mg

Other ingredients: olive oil-extra virgin, maltodextrin, silica, yellow beeswax, and organic sunflower oil. Capsule: gelatin, vegetable glycerine, water, and carob.



Women who are pregnant, contemplating pregnancy, or nursing should consult with their health care provider or physician before taking this product. As with any dietary supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Helped Inflamation in My Jaw Review by Barb
Recommend to a Friend
I LOVE New Chapter Zyflamend! My jaw became locked with only 1/2"opening as a result of several Dentist vists and lots of numbing shots received within a 2 week period. I had two proceedures going on at the same time on the same side of my mouth. Inflamation set in big time in a pocket area of the jaw that is very difficult to get anything to respond to. After 3 months of NO IMPROVEMENT, even using Chriropractic & Accupuncture, I was very discouraged. My friend recommended Zyflamend as it worked so well for her shoulder inflamation. Within the first week, my jaw started opening up! And other joint areas benefited as well! It also helps my husband's joints. No side effects for any of us! The best part is the ingredients are natural. We have found that once the inflamation is gone, it is not necessary to take everyday. If symptoms reappear, just start taking again or just taking 1/2 dose daily for maintenance works for me! (Posted on May 13, 2011)
Joint Pain Help Review by Mike
Recommend to a Friend
Zyflamend helps with joint pain! (Posted on April 19, 2011)
Zyflamend for Inflammation Review by D. Oosten
Recommend to a Friend
Zyflamend helped reduce inflammation that started after a foot injury. Prior prescription products including naproxin and others had no effect. Follow the dosage instructions. I found that the inflammation returned after not taking Zyflamend. (Posted on April 18, 2011)


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