Now Foods Creatine Powder Pure 2.2 Lbs 1 Kg

Now Foods Creatine Powder Pure 2.2 Lbs 1 Kg

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Now Foods Creatine Powder Pure 2.2 Lbs 1 Kg

Now Foods Creatine Powder Pure uses creatine monohydrate which is a naturally occurring compound found in the human body.  It is obtained in the diet mostly from meat and fish.  Creatine has the ability to serve as an energy reservoir and helps increase short term endurance and strength.  The body breaks down ATP (adenosine triphosphate) into ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and phosphate for energy during short, intense bursts of activity.  Creatine then helps the body convert ADP back to ATP, which then helps increase endurance and strength. 


  • ATP energizer
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Improves endurance
  • Increases strength
  • No additives
  • No preservatives


Mix 1 heaping teaspoon in fruit juice or other sweetened liquid 3 to 4 times daily, before and after exercise, for the first 7 days. 


Serving size:  1 heaping teaspoon

Servings per container:  200


  • Calories:  15         
  • Creatine Monohydrate:  5.0g (5000 mg)  


Consult your healthcare physician before taking.  Store in a cool, dry place. 

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Customer Reviews

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After taking now foods creatine, I noticed increased strength. My deadlift has gone up 20 pounds this pass 2 weeks and my bench gone up 10 pounds. I take this in the morning on an empty stomach and drink with water. I just put a spoon full of creatine and down it with water. Def worth the try. (Posted on Sep/11/00002015)
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