Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Casein 4 Lbs

Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Casein 4 Lbs

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Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Casein Protein 4 Pounds

We all know the benefits of Micellar casein especially before bed or in the morning to ensure that we are providing our muscles with amino acids to stay probolic and stay out of the dreaded catabolic zone. Unfortunately if you’re trying to get a quality Micellar casein you have to suffer through a barrage of artificial flavorings, colors & sweeteners. So if your looking for a truly pure Micellar casein protein with no additives than Optimum Natural Casein is for you!



  • Micellar Casein
  • 24 grams of time-released protein
  • Aminogen Digestive Enzymes
  • 5 Grams of BCAAs
  • 5 Grams Glutamine Precursors


Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Reviews


I am so glad ON offers a natural casein!! Has a good, deep chocolate flavor. I mainly use it at night as a pudding and needed a bit less liquid to get my preferred consistency than I did with some other casein powders. Can't wait to try the vanilla one!


Not only is it nice knowing that i'm taking a 100% all natural product with no artificial crap, it was a huge relief to find out the the taste of chocolate was amazing!!!! definitely buy. And believe me when i say casein isn't the best tasting protein so i was really scared but man is the sweetner strong! mix with a lot of milk.


My favorite casein of all time. I have been through so many different proteins over the years. And, until I tried Optimum, I was resigned that they would all taste terrible. Optimum makes the only ones I really LIKE! I've tried some other flavors too (other than the Natural above) and they have all been fantastic. I recommend Optimum's proteins to everyone I know




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Add one rounded scoop of 100% Casein Protein to 10-12 oz of water, milk, or your favorite beverage.

Side Effects

Warnings: Do not use as a sole source of nutrition for weight loss or maintenance. Keep out of reach of children. Check with a qualified healthcare professional before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or under 18 years of age.

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Customer Reviews

Below Average Review by Peyton
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Overall, I would say this is just a below average protein. It's casein. so I would suggest using it right before bed or as a meal replacement because it is slower digesting than whey. The good thing about this shake is that it is a little thicker than others. However, there are plenty of better casein proteins out there. (Posted on March 3, 2015)
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