PrimaForce L-Leucine 500 Grams

PrimaForce L-Leucine

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PrimaForce L-Leucine 500 Grams

L-Leucine has a double impact on muscle growth and recovery by both increasing protein synthesis and decreasing protein breakdown. L-Leucine can also enhance performance by increasing powder and decreasing perception of effort. PrimaForce L-Leucine contains high quality L-Leucine, potency and purity. L-Leucine, one of the three Branched Chain Amino Acids, is known as the "anabolic-trigger" due to its ability to support protein synthesis, lean mass gains, muscle breakdown, and enhance recovery. Supplementing with L-Leucine during exercise will help fuel muscles with energy and support performance.


  • Supports protein synthesis
  • Supports lean mass gains
  • Enhances recovery


Consume 1 scoop pre and post workout


Serving size:  1 scoop (5g)

Servings per container:  50


Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
L-Leucine 5 g *
* Daily Value not established.
Note: This product produced in a facility that may also process ingredients containing wheat, milk, egg, soybeans, fish, shellfish, treenuts, and peanuts.


Consult with your healthcare physician before taking.  Keep out of reach of children. 

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Customer Reviews

Amino Acid Review by Seth
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Amino acids are essential to muscle growth, L-Leucine is one of them that is known to help put muscle cells in an anabolic state, or a growing state. It works well to help make sure that muscle synthesis is running at its peak, but if you have a good normal protein powder it will probably have this amino acid in it making this product kind of redundant. I would recommend this to someone who has a little extra and wants to make sure every chemical balance is perfect for building, but for most of us making sure to eat right and get adequate protein will do just fine. (Posted on September 12, 2016)
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