Purus Labs Condense & Noxygen Stack

Purus Labs Condense & Noxygen Stack

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  • Purus Labs Noxygen Unflavored 40 Servings
  • Purus Labs Condense 40 Servings
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  • 1 Bottle Purus Labs Condense Preworkout (Stimulant)
  • 1 Bottle Purus Labs Noxygen Preworkout (Non Stimulant)

Purus Labs Condense

Condense contains an Advanced formula brought to you by one of the NEW up and coming companies PURUS LABS that will get you enhanced for all types of training.

ConDense is the first and only preworkout to bring to the table an ingredient profile that actually produces quality results. The  vasodilator nutrient-technology allows your blood vessels to expand which in turn provides for more blood flow to your muscles for an efficient contraction.

  • Oxygenating Hemodynamic Catalyst

  •  Betaine anhydrous Nitratene™ 

  • Beta alanine 

  • Electrolytes

  • 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine

Directions: Mix 1 serving with 8 ounces of cold water and consume 10 minutes prior to intense exercise. ConDense can be used on nontraining days as well. Do not consume more than two servings at any one time. Do not use more than twice daily.

Purus Labs Noxygen

This is a great product to stack with ANY pre-workout as it does not contain stimulants!  Stimulant-Free Blood Flow and Oxygen Amplifier!  NOXygen is a novel stimulant-free preworkout additive designed to create an oxygen-sparing envrionment through:

  • enhancing vasodialation and blood flow with Nitratene
  • simultaneously volumizing muscle cells
  • increasing lean body mass (LBM) with HydroMax water-soluble glycerin.

Yet another industry-first for Purus Labs, NOXygen is perfect for both strength and endurance athletes.

Directions: Add one scoop of Noxygen to any pre-workout or creatine supplement for maximal blood flow, oxygen delivery and muscle cell volume.



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I really liked this pre-workout stack. Low stimulants so it didn't make me jittery. I got good energy and great pumps while using these products. Much better than other pre-workouts I have tried. Posted on 11/22/2015
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