Applied Nutriceuticals Ultimate Muscle Building Stack

Ultimate Muscle Building Stack (RPM + Drive)

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Applied Nutricenticals Ultimate Muscle Building Stack (RPM + Drive)

-1 Bottle Applied Nutriceuticals RPM

-1 Bottle Applied Nutriceuticals Drive

Applied Nutriceuticals RPM

Goals. We all have them. But what truly is a goal. Webster dictionary defines goal as: 1. The end toward which effort is directed 2. The terminal point of a race. When we think of our goals we think of how quickly can we accomplish them. Whether your goal is losing a few pounds, increasing performance, or bursting through a new plateau, we all want to race to the finish line. Unfortunately, we all have lives and sometimes life gets in the way and knocks us out of the race. We seek out products that make claims that will help us reach our goals and reach them quickly. However, we find only once again we have lost our hard earned dollars and have become no closer to the finish line. Well, not anymore!

Applied Nutriceuticals has the answer to putting you back in the drivers seat and racing towards your goal at speeds you never thought possible! Finally there is a product that makes every day..Race Day! That product is RPM from Applied Nutriceuticals. What is RPM? RPM is an exclusive formula to help support explosive energy, crisp uncanny mental focus, noticeable strength increases, all while promoting insane pumps and increased testosterone!!!!* RPM is in its own race class!

What's In It?

RPM's formula is so unique it requires it's own class. RPM, is what we call an Probolic-Cognitive Energy System Enhancer (A-CESE), where probolics meet cognitive psy-stimulant supporters!* How do A-CESEs differ from other product categories on the market? An A-CESE is a product that exhibits testosterone-promoting, anti-catabolic, and aromatase-inhibiting support properties, while at the same time providing added support to aid in optimal mind/muscle connection/contraction through unique peripheral vasostimulatory perfusion and cognitive psycho-motor control.* RPM combines P-SARM Synthase AI- a unique blend of high-grade icariin, Arginine , Naringenin, and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC's), and Methyl-AMP Complex, a powerful blend of methyl-xanthine caffeine and chocamine.

AN uses the highest quality ingredients we could source in scientifically-suggested doses to achieve maximal results!! In the product constituent P-SARM Synthase AI, RPM utilizes high-grade Icariin, a powerful vasodilator though to support probolic and anti-catabolic effects, which may help yield stronger, more forceful muscle contractions!* It also is considered a Phytochemical Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or P-SARM. A P-SARM is a phytochemical (plant-derived) compound that has been suggested to exhibit effects similar to androgens on muscle mass, strength, and drive.*

As mentioned before, Icariin exhibits powerful anti-catabolic support effects, along with testosterone-mimicking and muscle-contraction-enhancing benefits* - several studies have suggested that it actually competes with glucocorticoids for receptor sites in a manner similar to testosterone.* This alone may help support an probolic effect by positively skewing the T:C ratio, a trigger for greater protein synthesis, increased aggression towards the iron, and insane muscle contractions!!*

RPM has also been formulated to help support reductions in aromatase and estradiol, helping the production of T as a substrate for aromatase activity as a result of Icariin. RPM also has a dopaminergic effect, helping to support increased dopamine levels and decreased prolactin levels, both of which act as triggers for the promotion of increased testosterone.* Also, icariin may also enhance muscle contraction by decreasing the effects of acetylcholinesterase (AChE).* Acetylcholine (Ach) is a neurotransmitter necessary for muscle contraction, and AChE is responsible for disabling ACh at the neuromuscular junction. Icarin may actually block this disabling action, allowing for ACh to stay at the synapse, and better exert its effects, for a longer period of time- which may support harder and stronger muscle contractions!!!*

The inclusion of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are also essential in the creation of any good A-CESE, because OPCs contain their own combination of unique and effective constituents, which promote P-SARM Synthase AIs ability to exert anti-aromatase (AI) support, anti-oxidant functions, and vasodilatory effects.*

Compounds exhibiting AI characteristics may also support reduced SHBG (steroid hormone binding globulin) as well. This is important, because this may allow for a drastic increase in free testosterone (T).* When this occurs, coupled with T levels that are already high from decreased aromatization of estrogen, WATCH OUT!!!!* You may look for longer, harder more intense workout support, the promotion of rapid strength increases, protein synthesis support, and rapid recovery!*

OPCs also provide support against free radicals. The nitric oxide-enhancing, vasodilatory properties of OPCs have also been suggested in countless studies.* The flavonoids contained in OPCs may actually support increased levels of Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS), the enzyme that allows for the conversion of arginine to nitric oxide. This is very important, as nitric oxide synthase competes with arginase for the utilization of the amino acid L-arginine. Arginase converts L-arginine into ornthine, and increased arginase and ornthine activity, are counteractive to the nitric oxide production pathway. By increasing NOS, the flavonoids in OPCs may help "crowd out" arginase, promoting the ability of more arginine to be processed into NO.*


Naringin, and its novel component Naringenin, may also exert extensive effects within the P-SARM Synthase AI complex. Naringin (and Naringenin) exhibit remarkable aromatase and estrogen-inhibiting support properties by decreasing the cytochrome P450arom isoform, an enzyme that also allows for the oxidative metabolism for chemical modification and degradation of oral substances.* This may have very positive effects on the T:E ratio, and the combination of OPCs and Naringenin can be potentially additive or synergistic promoting reductions in estrogen, and allowing for more circulating free testosterone and all of its benefits!* Naringin and Naringenin have also been suggested to have effects on the metabolism of caffeine.


L-Arginine is also an essential component of the P-SARM Synthase AI matrix. L-Arginine is an amino acid that is necessary for cell division, the release of hormones, and immune system function.* Most importantly, L-arginine is necessary for the production of Nitric Oxide (NO, as mentioned above), a messenger gas responsible for the promotion of blood vessel relaxation ("pump"), and the regulation of vascular tone.* NO is derived from arginine and oxygen via Nitric Oxide synthase (NOS), and, as mentioned above, NO exerts its effects on tissue through cGMP. Numerous research studies suggest there are positive effects from L-Arginine and NO, and possibly even mediating greater growth hormone response!*

As you can see, the P-SARM Synthase AI concoction offers an extremely powerful blend of testosterone-supporting and NO-enhancing effects.* The "other" synergistic component blend of RPM, Methyl-AMP Complex, makes this A-CESE an excellent choice as a mind/muscle connector/contractor through unique peripheral vasostimulatory perfusion and increased cognitive psycho-motor control!!*


Methyl-Xanthine Anhydrous Caffeine (MXAC), the first component of the Methyl-AMP Complex, is a metabolic stimulant that heightens mental alertness and focus and supports improved muscle contraction and coordination.* MXAC exerts very strong effects on vasodilation- a process that begins with the activation of Norepinephrine (NE) by MXAC, and the deactivation of cAMP-PDE, an enzyme that breaks down cAMP When MXAC acts on a cell, cAMP-PDE can no longer turn cAMP into AMP, so the action of cAMP may be prolonged within the cell. Sound like boring biochemistry? Let's take a look at the overall effect on the body- when cAMP levels are increased due to cAMP-PDE inactivation, the blood vessels in skeletal muscle tend to relax- the result? Support for more rapid blood flow into the muscle, promoting bulging vascularity and massive pumps!!* MXAC also contains significant amounts of theobromine, a vasodilator that may help support the amount of nutrients and oxygen into the brain and skeletal muscle.* This greater blood flow to the brain contributes to the cognitive enhancement capabilities of MXAC, by blocking adenosine uptake without activating adenosine receptors- supporting an increase in dopamine and serotonin levels, which may help promote a positive influence on mood, allowing the user to maintain an optimal training environment.*

Another added benefit of MXAC is the ability to stimulate the central nervous system, which may help the athlete feel better and more alert, allowing for enhanced focus and clear-headedness.* It also supports the neural systems ability to fire muscles into action more effectively via norepinephrine stimulation, and also by producing changes in calcium activity, thus stimulating ion transport of potassium into non-contracting tissues.* This is important because ion transport helps reduce the increase in blood potassium concentrations during exercise, may help maintain the excitability of the muscle fiber, allowing for a stronger, longer muscle contraction!*

Applied Nutriceuticals Drive

Drive is Applied Nutriceuticals most versatile performance-enhancing sport supplement available.* Whether it´s packing an inch of girth on your arms or shaving a second off your best time, Drive provides the goods to help you get there when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.* The synergistic compilation of constituents contained in this unique compound promotes a favorable probolic environment through a variety of different mechanisms:

  • Combines cGMP and cAMP synergism
  • Support thyroid activity*
  • Support SHBG inhibition*
  • Promotes luteinizing hormone activity*
  • Supports testosterone*

Applied Nutriceuticals Drive Benefits

  • Support Increased muscle strength & speed*
  • Promote Increased endurance*
  • Promote lean muscle growth*
  • Support recovery time*
  • Encourage improved mood*

Applied Nutriceuticals Drive Directions: Take on an empty stomach first in the morning, then 1 hour pre-workout or mid-afternoon. Do not take within 3 hours of bedtime. Has both immediate and cumulative effects that improve with continued use

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