Apollon Nutrition Reformulates Their Chaos Fat Burner

Apollon Nutrition Reformulates Their Chaos Fat Burner
Apollon Chaos Fat Burner V2

Apollon Nutrition is a Hardcore Supplement Brand we've only recently brought in within the past year, however they've quickly become one of our Top Sellers and some of their supplements including the Shogun Fat Burner, Assassin Pre-Workout, and Hooligan Pre-Workout have become favorites among our customers. 

Apollon Nutrition recently announced a reformulation and a Version 2 coming to their Chaos Fat Burner. Chaos is one of the brands two fat burners alongside the stim packed Shogun Fat Burner, Shogun is the brands hardcore stim heavy fat burner where as Chaos is a bit more toned down and well rounded. While we don't know what the Chaos V2 formulation will look like, the first version contains 300mg of Caffeine along with Dandelion Root, Grains of Paradise, InnoSlim, Synephrine HCL, Capsimax, GBB and other ingredients. Apollon has been doing a great job of tweaking and improving supplements in their line, most recently rolling out Version 7 of their Assassin Pre-Workout, so we're anxious to see what Apollon has in store for the new version of Chaos. 

The all new reformulation of Apollon Chaos should be rolling out sometime in early August and hopefully they'll give us a sneak peak at the formula prior to the official release. 

May 20th 2023

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