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Blackstone Labs Orthobolic 60 Caps

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Blackstone Labs Orthobolic 60 Caps

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Our Price:
20% LESS
THAN MSRP $49.99
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Blackstone Labs Orthobolic

The Ultimate Joint Car Supplement!

Blackstone Labs is here with their first ever joint health supplement. Whether you are a sports athlete, Crossfitter, bodybuilder or powelifter, joint pain is part of life...but it doesn't have to be. Othobolic is an all natural joint formula and was created to help with joint strength, mobility and to reduce overall joint pain! If joint pain gets in the way of you going harder and harder at the gym, then you need Orthobolic!

Why It Works

Orthobolic is a multi-faceted joint formula that helps relieve joint pain and stiffness, while strengthening your joints and cartilage. It uses your body's natural anti-inflammatory processes to do this. This product contains some of the most cutting edge ingredients.

  • PALMITOYLETHANOLAMIDE (PEA): This works by reducing the activation and mitigation of mast cells, which are pro-inflammatory in the body. Some studies on PEA show that is can help mediate pain and inflammation. And right now there have been no druf interaction so it is very safe for anyone to supplement with.
  • BOSWELLIA SERRATA EXTRACT: Decreases pro-inflammation in the body. It can help decrease swollen joints and tenderness by 70% as well as increase anti-inflammatory enzymes.
  • CISSUS QUADRANGULARIS (CQ) (STD FOR KETOSTEROIDS): Helps with healing of fractures. Reduces healing time by 40% or more. It has also been shown to help decrease joint paint and increase functionality.
  • UC-II (UNDENATURED TYPE II COLLAGEN): It helps your body remove damaged collagen and tissue. It also helps repair these areas. It has been shown to reduce perceived pain by 3% or more.

Benefits & Highlights

  • Helps Increase Joint Mobilty
  • Supports Healthy Joints
  • Supports Healthy Cartilage

Directions / Dosage

Blackstone Labs recommends that you take 2 capsules of Othobolic once per day with a glass of water.

How to Take It?


Because this is a non stimulant joint formula, it can be stacked with any other product from the Blackstone Labs line.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Othobolic ingredients

Warnings & Side Effects

Othobolic should not be taken by anyone under the age of 18. Do not exceed recommended dosage.

  1. Week In review by Terrance on 4/11/2017
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    Got a chance to try Orthbolic early and after only a week in, less cracking in my joints and my morning workouts are much better with much less pain. Living in the midwest the weather is all over the place, but it's been cold and damp over the past few weeks, which wreaks havoc on my joints. Since I started taking this, they have felt a ton better. I am testing taking them at night vs in the morning. Really depends on when my workout will be the following day. Again, only a week in, I am only seeing good things so far with this.

    *DISCLAIMER. Individual results may vary.

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