Prohormones Banned 2014BANNED! OUTLAWED! Say it ain't so Obama! Why congress! Where are we now? It's been almost 3 months since the biggest ban in the history of prohormones has happened. We have went from having dozens and dozens of great prohormones down to only a handful of compounds that you can still get your hands on legally. (Buy the Legal Prohormones Here)

What Prohormones are Illegal? (2014 Ban List)

All the most powerful, and some say most toxic prohormones have been banned. 2015 is a totally different market for prohormones than 2014 was. Big sellers like the following have been banned:

  • Super DMZ BANNED
  • Epistane BANNED
  • M-Sten BANNED
  • Tren BANNED
  • Dimethazine BANNED
  • Formestane BANNED

These are only a handful of them, but by far the most popular.

Where To Get Prohormones After the Ban?

You may still be able to buy these banned and illegal prohormones from rogue sellers on eBay, but can they trusted to be real...and it's actually ILLEGAL for you to buy them! But sites like Best Price Nutrition still sell the legal prohormones (well they are legal one knows what will happen this year!)

Can You Still Buy Prohormones? (Best Non-Banned Prohormones for 2015)

The answer is yes. There are still prohormone compounds out there that haven't been banned yet. We sell almost all them here at Best Price Nutrition. The best top selling legal prohormones for 2015 are:

  1. Epi-Andro by IronMagLabs
  2. 1-Andro by IronMagLabs
  3. 4-Andro by IronMagLabs
  4. Andro Cutting Kit by LG Sciences
  5. Andro Bulk Kit by LG Sciences

You can also see the rest of them here.

  • Best 2015 Prohormone for Bulking - LG Sciences Andro Bulk Kit
  • Best 2015 Prohormone for Cutting - IronMagLabs 1-Andro
  • Strongest 2015 Prohormone - IronMagLabs Epi-Andro
  • Safest 2015 Prohormone - Really any of the top 5 above are safe

Prohormone Replacements After the Ban (Many New for 2015)

This is where things are really getting exciting. Blackstone Labs, which was one of the top prohormone suppliers before the ban has been introducing some new amazing new replacement supplements for prohormones. These new products can give close to the same results, but without all the harsh side effects. Some of the biggest selling right now are:

  1. Blackstone Labs Ostapure - Huge gains with no side effects. You can cycle it for 6 to 8 weeks.
  2. Blackstone Labs Anogenin - Plant Steroid that can bring you gains with no side effects.
  3. Blackstone Labs Epi-Cat - Product that helps block myostatin allowing you to build more muscle.

See the entire line of Blackstone Labs supplements here.

Top Questions

Now we still get a ton of questions about the 2014 prohormone ban and about what prohormones are still available in 2015 and today. We will answer these below.

  1. Why were prohormones banned? - Safety was the reason for government to ban them. There were also many big companies in the supplement industry that lobbied against prohormones. You can learn more about the bill here.
  2. What will replace prohormones? - Nothng out right now can replace the prohormones that have been banned. But the ones left are great as well. Also the alternatives listed above, we are getting great feedback from users.
  3. Where can I buy prohormones after the ban? - As I said above, you may be able to find them on eBay, but who knows if you can trust the sellers. Best is to purchase the non-banned ones above or the replacements listed above.
  4. Is it illegal to buy and sell prohormones? - Yes, it is illegal to not only sell prohormones, but to buy them as well!