BPI Sports Roxy Fat Burning Softgels

Weight loss has just gotten faster with the soon to be released fat burner by BPI Sports. BPI Sports new fat burner, Roxy is a newly discovered advanced fast-acting thermogenic soft gel supplement that promotes a precise dosage to deliver rapid key weight loss ingredients. This new thermogenic fat burner is set to be released sometime early 2015.

Advantage Of SoftGels


When taking a fat burner the main goal is obviously to burn fat. But how the pill is designed and what ingredients are used will determine how fast or slow the fat burner will work and how well you will perform while supplementing one into your diet. For this specific fat burner BPI decided to use a softgel because of the way it will react in your body. A softgel is an increased way of bioavailability, meaning that your body will be able to consume the ingredients faster and maximize the absorption making the pill work faster. Soft gel capsules are also more acceptable to a uniform distribution of the active ingredients, helping the supplement evenly distribute the ingredients quicker and more efficiently

Are SoftGels Safe?

One common question people have is, are softgels safe? And the quick answer is yes! Softgels are hermetically sealed, protecting the ingredients from oxygen helping to increase the stability of the active ingredients. Because of the way each capsule is sealed and liquid filled, is keeps the softgels away from any damage and restricts any tampering of the capsule.


  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Fast Acting