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One of the over looked must needs for bodybuilding is rest. Your body needs rest and sleep to recover from all the stress you put on from working out, work, and your daily life.  For a lot of people there is always a reason you can’t get to sleep; it can be from stress, insomnia, or a several of other reasons. Sleep is the most important hours of the day to help you recover and grow. Blackstone Labs has created Anesthetized. Anesthetized is a product that you use when you want to knock yourself out and get sleep.

R.E.M Sleep

Anesthetized is the ultimate supplement to take before you go to bed, formulated to help you sleep. Anesthetized has been scientifically proven to improve the speed at which you fall asleep and the rate at which your body reaches R.E.M. sleep. During R.E.M sleep is the stage which produces growth hormone and IGF-1.


According to Black Stone Labs Anesthetized might be the most important supplement you ever use. But please keep in mind, this supplement is NOT something Blackstone Labs or Best Price Nutrition suggests you use every night. This is something you use on the occasion when you want to knock yourself out and get sleep. You want to limit this on the nights you really need the test.  Anesthetized can also be stacked with any Blackstone Labs product. Make sleep a priority and make better gains!

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