Body Nutrition Trutein S’mores

Yes, you read that right! Body Nutrition has just announced their new flavor for their Trutein line up, S’more protein! Now there hasn’t been much information released on the product yet but we can only assume that the ingredients shouldn’t be changing that much or the amount of protein per scoop. Personally my favorite Body Nutrition flavor is the seasonal pumpkin flavor, but this S’mores sounds like it might just be my new favorite.  

What to expect

Each Trutein protein has a balanced whey, casein, and egg ratio, premium grass-fed dairy, sustained release protein matrix, no amino spiking, no property blends. Which we will almost guarantee that the S’mores flavor will follow these exact guidelines as well. Each Trutein protein is a premium protein blend of 40% Whey, 40% Micellar Casein & 20% Egg White. Body Nutrition stands out from the rest because they don’t hide the protein ratios in a ‘proprietary blend and they are also known for one of the best tasting proteins on the market!


Trutien S'Mores is now in stock at Best Price Nutrition!