Dr Oz Energy Boost

Energy Boost #1: Oat Straw Extract

Do you ever feel lethargic or not motivated after a full night’s sleep? When you have a lot to do and you’re constantly running around, finding yourself getting enough restful sleep can be difficult. When you have trouble waking up most people turn to a source of caffeine. Energy drinks and coffee can help you get a little jump start but they are also guaranteed to make you crash because of the combination of caffeine and sugar.

Dr. Oz has suggested using Oat straw extract in your diet to help remove the sluggish feeling after a full night’s sleep. Oat straw is an all-natural energy booster that contains zero sugars and caffeine, which result in a zero crash mid-day. The was that Oat straw works is, it will enlarge  the arteries in your brain allowing more blood to be pumped through, increasing brain function.

Oat Straw can be found by taking Action Labs Avena Sativa Oat Straw 750mg 50 Tabs

How to Use it: As a dietary supplement, take one tablet up to three times daily, preferably with a meal.

Energy Boost #2 Rhodiola

Its mid-day and you’re already feeling like you need to sleep to gain more energy. Using Rhodiola in your diet will help you get that extra boost for those mid-day crashed.

Rheidol is an all nature energy builders that will help multiply your energy molecules, thus giving you a boost throughout the day.  Rhodiola is also used as a stimulant against stress and to improve work stamina.

Rhodiola can be found by taking Planetary Herbals Rhodiola Rosea Extract 327mg 120 Tabs

How to Use it: 2 tablets twice daily between meals.