Genomyx EVOL RED

Genomyx products usual have the typical blue labels on all their products.  A couple months ago they had released their new product Stimaholic, but this time it was I an all red bottle and was called Stimaholic Red. The original Evol (in blue) was a powerful pre-workout amplifier powered by the main ingredient, AMP Citrate. Along with the Blue Evol being a powerful pre-workout amplifier it was also deemed as an incredible tasty one too. The expected flavors for Red are to be the same with Fruit Punch and Razonade. There also might be a new special flavor but that hasn’t been confirmed by Genomyx yet.


  • Savage Energy Focus
  • Performance Endurance
  • Pump & Vascularity

Possible Flavors:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Razonade
  • ???

As of now there hasn’t been much information leaked. Once there is more information on the ingredients, flavors we will be sure to update you!