Metabolic Nutrition ESP Review

So I was the first in the office to go ahead and try the new Metabolic Nutrition ESP, which contains 500mg of caffeine. And that’s no typo. My first thought was this is going to be intense! 500mg of caffeine? That’s unheard of in a pre-workout. Well since I’m already sensitive to caffeine I was pretty nervous to take this. Nervous that this contained so much caffeine, I decided to go straight to the gym so that this pre-workout would keep me up all night. Poured it in my cup on the way to the gym and chugged it down. First the taste was amazing (I had blue raspberry) it tasted almost identical to a blue jolly rancher! As for the energy, it kicked in with in about 30 minutes or less, and trust me you will know when this kicks in! It wasn’t like most pre-workouts where you get a little pump, this was a whole new experience! I felt psyched out; I felt the focus, the energy, and an explosion in power. If you are the stim junkie type this is un-doubtfully the pre-workout you need!  


ESP has 3 serving sizes, strong, intense, and extreme. Well I had the sample packet of this and it’s equal to an extreme dose… I HIGHLY recommend you start off with the smaller scoop and have a “strong” serving before moving any higher. Especially if you are sensitive to caffeine, this one gave me incredible focus and energy but it also gave me the shakes as well (my hands kept shaking). So I stress that you start off with a small dosage until you find the tolerance right for you! Also I wouldn’t take this within 4 hours before you go to sleep. I took mine at about 5pm got to the gym at about 530 and worked out for a solid 2hours. Even after working out I still felt hyped up, even until I went to bed.


500mg of caffeine is intense, just a little too intense for me. But it worked and gave me the focus and energy I needed and I had one hell of a workout. Stim junkies you will love this product. If you’re sensitive to caffeine I say just take a smaller dose and you will be fine.

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