Myokem mTOR Pro

After a long tease, Myokem has finally released information on what their new product is. They are naming it mTOR Pro, a whole new BCAA product to join the supplement market. As of now there is not a lot of information that Myokem has released. But we still do have a good amount of information that will give us an idea about what type of product this will be.  

What we know:

  • mTOR Pro will contain a total of 8g BCAA’s per serving
  • This will be sold in 30 serving tubs
  • They haven’t officially announced any definite flavors yet but one that has been speculation is called Havana Sunrise. I’m thinking this might be a sweater tarty type of flavor if it turns out to be true.
  • At least 3g will be ActiveTR will be added to the
  • Release date: This is another question constantly being asked. As of now Myokem has not released and made hints to an release date.


The new ingredient that Myokem has never been used called ActiveTR is making an appearance in mTOR Pro. This is a time-released leucine. It appears that Mykem is the first company ever to attempt to use a time-released leucine in any supplement product.

Why mTOR Pro?

This type of supplement looks like it will be ideal for anyone who does any form of fasting, doesn’t get the recommended amount of meals per day, and people does extreme endurance training,

If you are any type of athlete, bodybuilder, etc. that description covers just about all of us. If you are already using a supplement with free-form BCAAs and Leucine, what is stopping you from using one that is time-released?

Why leucine?

Another ingredient that Myokem has never used before has made its way into mTOR Pro. Leucine has been made into a time-released ingredient. Everyone knows leucine as the anabolic trigger.

The way Leucine is used in mTOR Pro is it activates the mTOR Pathway. Doing so will make this a potent anabolic pathway that will ultimately help aid in building muscle. Leucine is beneficial to have in the body longer because it prevents situations of atrophy and catabolism. When you are on a diet, fasting you want to keep amino acid catabolism as low as possible, doing so you want to have a high-protein diet and have the help of supplementation to cover any gaps to fully prevent catabolism.

More Information

As of now this is the fullest extent of information we know about for mTOR Pro. Myokem hasn’t released any more information about a release date either. When there is more information regarding supplement facts or a release date we will be sure to update you!