Super bowl rematch 2014

Super bowl rematch 2014

This Sunday night game 9/21/2014 Denver Broncos VS Seattle Seahawks, Best Price Nutrition will be holding a football contest for the person who answers the contest question correctly. If there are multiple people who choose the same answer, all names will be entered into a raffle and randomly chosen to win the prize.


What player will have the most tackles at the end of the game? The player can be from either team. If in the event there are multiple people who pick the winning player, Best Price Nutrition will randomly choose a contestant to win the Man Sports prize package.



  • Game Day 60 Serving
  • NOLVADREN XT 56 Capsules
  • REM PM 60 Servings
  • Man Sports Shaker Bottle
  • Man Sports Hat
  • Man Sports Shirt
  • 2 Man Sports Stickers

* Winner chosen can only be from the United States

Contest ends 3:25pm central time right as the game begins. No comments after then will be accepted! We will check!