With Christmas around the corner and for the people who were too lazy to finish their shopping on black Friday like the rest of us, we decided to make a Christmas list for that specific bread of people that you need to keep in mind when shopping for. Normally, December 25th is a day that brings everyone together to show their love and gratitude for one another. For others it’s the day of the year their gym is most likely closed, resulting in a world wind of anger and a snappy attitude. With this in mind, here is a list of gifts that would make any bodybuilder happy this Christmas.

1. Food Organizer. The one thing that bodybuilders do as much as working out, is eating. Eating is one of the most important aspects of being a bodybuilder. And what could you get a bodybuilder to make them even happier you as? A Fitmark Food organizer of course! Keep your food fresh in the lightweight portable Fitmark box!

2. Eat Fit Cutlery. As we stated before, the one thing a bodybuilder does just as much as lift, is eat. But do you who what a bodybuilder does as their lifting? Yup, you guessed it. They think about lifting. So why not make eating the best of both worlds and get them a dumbbell morphed with silverware!
3. Blender Bottles. If there’s one thing a bodybuilder goes through faster than anything its blender bottles. There always getting dirty, braking, or just losing them. With that in mind why don’t you just get them blender bottles for Christmas? But not just one or two. Why not just get them a box of blender bottles!
4. Tupperware. Now this and the food organizer go hand-in-hand. Bodybuilders are eating constantly. And just like the blender bottles the Tupperware gets smelling and gross. So why not make your favorite bodybuilder a supply of Tupperware to go along with their brand new Fitmark food organizer.
5. Massage. As a bodybuilder you are constantly training and causing injuries to yourself that impair your bodybuilding development. Getting your favorite bodybuilder a massage will help them recover faster and help repair any damage they have done to their body and help them continue to grow and speed up there muscle recovery time!

6. Large Standing Mirror. After all the hard work you want to be able to check out your gains. A large standing mirror would do the trick!
7. Universal Animal Tank Top. Because you are an animal and even though it’s negative 10 degrees out, you want to show off your gains. When you work hard to look good you have to make sure everyone else can see your gains at any possible moment. What better then a Universal Animal tank top. Allow your favorite bodybuilder to show everyone the animal they are!

8. Tanning Products. Just because it’s the dead of winter, doesn’t mean you can’t have that golden glow on your skin. Help your favorite body builder show off their gains with a great glow!
9. Universal Skull Cap. Its winter and you need to stay warm when leaving the gym. Don’t get sick and you stay in the gym. And with universal you will look like an animal! Stay warm this winter and get your favorite bodybuilder an universal skull cap.

10. Selfie Stick. Don’t have a mirror to take pictures of you and your gains? Use a selfie stick to get that perfect flexing pose! Getting your favorite bodybuilder a selfie cam will give them the ability to show everyone their gains at any moment!