John from Best Price Nutrition reviews the ALRI (ALR Industries) Chain’d Out supplement, one of the ALRI’s most popular BCAA supplements. Learn about the Chain’d Out ingredients and calories, when to take this supplement, as well as how it stacks up against other bcaa supplements like Xtend.

ALRI Chain’d Out

What is Chain’d Out?

Chain'd Out® from ALR Industries sets a standard for optimal performance supplementation. Chain'd Out® allows everyone to enjoy supraphysiological and aesthetic results with Non-Hormonal Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's)!

Benefits of Chain'd Out™:

* Provides positive modulation of almost all neurotransmitters (DA, NE, SE, MAOB, Ach, GABA)
* Enhances energy, focus, mood and stamina
* Has potent anti-catabolic and anti-cortisol effects
* Enhances oxygenation and nutrient utilization
* Provides positive endogenous hormone modulation, including testosterone
* Enhances immunity and recovery
* Supports supraphysiological protein synthesis in muscle tissue

ALRI (ALR Industries) Chain’d Out 90 Servings

Chain’d Out is an innovative pre-workout and intra-workout supplement from ALRI.  Many people struggle with finding the focus and energy to get through a long, strenuous workout.  Chain’d Out is specially formulated to enhance mood, focus, and stamina without the jittery feeling that comes with so many other pre-workout drinks.  The Non-Hormonal BCAA’s will prevent you from entering a cataobolic state (muscle breakdown), leading to increased strength and better recovery.

ALRI (ALR Industries) Chain’d Out 90 Servings Benefits

  • Increased Strength
  • Enhanced Focus and Energy
  • Improved Recovery Time
  • Prevents Muscle Breakdown

Let’s set the record straight. What sets ALRI’s Chain’d Out® apart from other BCAA products on the market is exactly this:

Chain’d Out®’s Alpha-Hydroxy ester-protected BCAA’s greatly avoid the normal BCAA conversion to blood sugar…it’s called “gluconeogenesis” — even when dieting or during cardio.

In addition, ALRI’s Alpha-Hydroxy technology supports a much longer half-life of the all-important nutrients found in Chain’d Out®’s BCAAs (resulting in more lean muscle & better recovery times). By avoiding the normal conversion of BCAAs to glucose your body gets 47-60% more of Chain’d Out® BCAAs when compared to regular BCAAs.

Translation: More muscle, quicker recovery. Use less, get more!

Don’t trust marketing, trust yourself. Take a blood glucose test before and after like in the study and see for yourself how Chain’d Out® will positively affect your blood glucose!

Who Would Benefit From Chain’d Out®?

Any individual who wants to support enhanced energy levels, stamina, focus and mood.†

  • Strength, Performance and Endurance Athletes Looking to Support:
  • Maintaining and/or increasing their lean mass, with NO consideration of their BCAA supplement converting to sugar, as Chain’d Out® is Alpha-Hydroxy ester-protected to AVOID “gluconeogenesis”.†
  • Faster & dramatically increased recovery.†
  • Optimal vasodilation.†
  • Positive endogenous hormone modulation, including testosterone.†
  • Enhanced oxygenation and nutrient utilization.†

*THE Precision Engineered BCAA Matrix That Supports:

  • Supraphysiological protein synthesis in muscle tissue†
  • Increased lean muscle mass†
  • Enhanced energy, focus, mood and stamina†
  • Potent anti-catabolic and anti-cortisol effects†
  • Optimal vasodilation†
  • Enhanced oxygenation and nutrient utilization†
  • Positive modulation of almost all neurotransmitters (DA, NE, SE, MAOB, Ach, GABA)†
  • Positive endogenous hormone modulation, including testosterone†
  • Enhanced immunity and speeds recovery†
  • Increased bioavailability and utilization of up to 200-300% over standard BCAAs†

*The power of this matrix is can be felt within minutes.

Gear Up and Shift into Overdrive, with the most comprehensive and dominating BCAA formula, EVER: Chain’d Out®

Chain’d Out® sets the standard for non-hormonal performance by creating an anabolic/anti-catabolic environment that outperforms all other BCAA supplements in the market.

Enjoy supraphysiological and aesthetic results. Chain’d Out® is scientifically-engineered to derail muscle break-down and catabolism. This superior formula provides a synergistic boost to the pro-anabolic drive and becomes even more effective during calorie-restrictive periods such as training, cardio, calorie restriction and stress.

Chain’d Out® – Performance Enhancement with Branch Chain Amino Acids

The true value of BCAAs is well established both in literature and in real world application. Never being satisfied with simply good or even just excellent, ALR Industries has taken BCAAs to the ultimate level for mind-blowing effects. Author L. Rea decided to turn the power way up on “anabolic drive” with Chain’d Out®.

Chain’d Out® utilizes Alpha-Hydroxy Technology to increase systemic bioavailability and lean tissue utilization by 47-60% thus making ALR’s precise formula more rapidly-effective with a smaller dosage when compared to “standard” products in the marketplace.

Even more important is that the Alpha-Hydroxy ester-protected BCAA’s greatly avoid gluconeogenesis (the breakdown to glucose for regular caloric utilization or fat storage) even when dieting, or during periods of stress (cardio, etc.). Add to this Chain’d Out®’s technology that increases the half-life of these all-important nutrients resulting in more muscle and faster recovery. If you paid for BCAAs, why are you getting 47-60% sugar?

Chain’d Out® contains structurally unique non-hormonal plant origin Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) Leucine, Valene and Isoleucine, which are derived from the assimilation of proteins. BCAAs activate key enzymes and genetic factors in protein synthesis before, during and after physical exercise. BCAAs, specifically Leucine, have potent anabolic effects on protein metabolism by increasing the rate of protein synthesis in lean tissue and decreasing the rate of protein degradation in resting human muscle. Some “protected” BCAA structures just do it far better than others.

The scientifically-engineered formula within Chain’d Out® is reinforced with the addition of potent anti-catabolic agents, anabolic co-factors and contains significant mood enhancing, plus energizing ingredients to support:

  • An incredible synergistic boost to the pro-anabolic drive†
  • Focused energy and mood elevation (without any jitters or negative stimulant qualities)
  • Improved strength, endurance, stamina and recovery†
  • Optimized vasodilation and nutrient utilization†
  • Enhanced oxygenation and fights stress, fatigue as well as other counterproductive body processes†

ALR Industries has taken the science of adaptogens well beyond anything seen before. Chain’d Out® is clearly the most comprehensive and dominating BCAA formula on the market. You can actually see and feel the ALR difference from the first time you include Chain’d Out® in your day’s performance needs.