1,3 DMAA...how many of us miss you! The amazing feeling, the endless energy, the focus...and the crash, though I would like to forget about that! Well if you are in the same boat, there is hope...because a new stimulant has just hit the market and it's called AMP Citrate.

What is Amp Citrate?

There isn't much data on it as of yet. Most of the reviews on supplements with it are anecdotal so take them with a grain of salt. But the feedback has been that it gives you:

  • All Day Energy
  • Focus and Clarity
  • Euphoric Feelings

We could go all in depth with this, but for that, we pass it over to Glenn who has recorded a video to talk about this new stimulant.

How Can You Get Amp Citrate?

Only a few companies right now have this ingredient in their products. Mainly from Genomyx and LeCheek Nutrition, though CTD Labs will be coming out with a product soon! Here are the products we recommend if you want to try it!

Pre-Workout: Genomyx EVOL

Fat Burner: LeCheek Nutrition AMPilean

Anytime Energy: LeCheek Nutrition AMPitropin

By Jeff Moriarty