This name...lolol. Even Glenn got some jokes in about the name of this pre-workout supplement from Blackstone Labs...Angel Dust. If the name doesn't tell you, the ingredients will...this stuff is strong. The ingredient profile for Angel Dust is pretty concentrated, so it's not for the beginner. Glenn from Best Price Nutrition reviews the product and the ingredients so can choose whether to take on this powerful pre-workout from Blackstone Labs!

Blackstone Labs Angel Dust Review Video


"Hello again everybody. This is Glenn with Best Price Nutrition. Today I'm
going to give you an overview on Angel Dust - not the good stuff, Angel
Dust the pre-workout powder, which still could be good stuff. It's from
BlackStone Labs.

This is their second formula. The first formula contained the 1, 3.
Obviously, that's gone by the wayside. They put some ingredients in here to
replace that. The flavor's cut with lemonade, and they put a little pile of
powder right there, too. There you go. Angel Dust.

Let's give you a rundown of the ingredients. There are 30 servings inside
here. The Angel Dust proprietary blend, 7500 milligrams or 7.5 grams.

The first ingredient is creatine monohydrate. I've done numerous videos on
that. It lends a phosphate group to ADP which actually circulates your body
to increase ATP, your cells' energy.

Beta-alanine increases your endurance. It can buffer the acid that
dissociates from lactic acid. So, when you get that burn in your muscles,
beta alanine can, more importantly, delay that from happening.

Taurine, tyrosine, and mucuna pruriens. Taurine can help with cellular
hydration. Not so much an energy boost, but it can enhance power output.
Tyrosine and mucuna pruriens... Mucuna pruriens is a source of L-dopa.
Taurine can actually increase your dopamine levels, and so can mucuna
pruriens. Increasing that can increase your adrenaline levels. There's some
research going on, or was, about increasing HTH levels, but that's just not

D-aspartic acid, popular as a test booster. It was shown in, I think it was
12 or 14 days - one of the two, I get them confused - it increased your
natural testosterone levels. I think it stimulated the Leydig cells in the
testes to produce more testosterone. So, it's going to hit on the
testosterone side of things, too.

Agmatine sulfate is considered an analgesic, I almost said Jesus, meaning
that it can actually increase your tolerance to pain or your pain
threshold. Now, it's not something you're going to stab yourself and say oh
I don't feel that, not that. But, overall, when you're working out you may
be able to put your body through more with this.

Betaine anhydrous, also known as TMG or trimethylglycine, is a methyl
donor, so it can lower homocysteine levels. But, they're putting it in here
because it's a source of... I shouldn't say. I'm getting betaine anhydrous
and the other one, beet root actually, mixed up.

Betaine anhydrous actually, there's a pretty little study that came out
recently that if you take about 2.5 grams, they did it where it was 1.25
split in two doses, it enhanced your power levels, your muscle size, energy
levels. So, it does have some merit. It's a pretty good ingredient. I don't
know how much is in here, again, because it's a proprietary blend. But,
it's nice that it's in here.

Caffeine anhydrous, what would a product called Angel Dust be without
caffeine. Probably a pretty hefty dose. I haven't tried it myself. It's
probably a pretty good dose.

Green tea extract could be a source of caffeine again. I believe that's
probably why they put that in there.

Next, amp citrate, this is the new stimulant on the market. It's been put
in here, probably in others products, too, as a replacement to the 1, 3. It
has a very similar effect in the body as the 1, 3. So, if you're missing
that, this is the next best thing.

Lastly, N-methyltyramine, it's a methylated form of tyramine. It should be
a stimulant. It's going to have a stimulating effect, increase your energy
level, your awareness, things like that.

That's all the ingredients. It's a proprietary blend, so you don't know how
much you're getting of each. You know, with the creatine you're looking for
3 to 5 grams. Beta alanine, you want, like, 1.6 to 3 grams, somewhere
around there. Maybe we cut those in half and add the other ingredients.

It comes in two flavors. I know this one's cut with lemonade, and the other
one's cut with some other flavoring. That's what they decided to cut it
with. We used to sell anacetol [inaudible 0:04:18] for that reason.

That's the product. I do imagine it should be pretty potent. You don't put
a name like Angel Dust on a product without it being very strong.

They say take one scoop 30 minutes prior to workout. Due to extreme
potency, user may wish to begin by consuming a half scoop.

I would start with a half scoop and work your way up. They stuck me in this
hot room. That's why I'm sweating. No, it's not because the Angel Dust. I
would start with a half scoop, assess your tolerance, and work your way up.
Definitely, you know, no more than one scoop, because you don't want to run
the risk of being overstimulated - jitters, things like that.

As far as a man or a woman, I would limit this to a man because of the D-
aspartic acid. Who knows how much D-aspartic acid is inside there. I would
say just to be safe... Well, really, I guess the D-aspartic acid doesn't
have much effect on a woman anyway because you don't have testes. But, if
you're a woman that would like to take Angel Dust, definitely start with a
half scoop, maybe a quarter scoop, just to assess your tolerance.

I think that just about covers it. Angel Dust, from BlackStone Labs, pre-
workout supplement. If you're missing the old days of the really crazy 1, 3
products, this could be a nice replacement for you.

If you have any other questions, go ahead and post them in the comments
section. If you liked the video, give me a thumbs up. You can also find us
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