Who doesn't love a good pump? That is what Hemavol is known for. The pump and non-stimulant focus...oh and flavors that are just amazing. iForce Nutrition really nailed it in the flavoring category for this product. Whether you take it by itself or stack it with another stimulant pre-workout, it tastes amazing. It's especially good when you have another pre-workout supplement that tastes terrible...Hemavol fixes it right up! So what about this new flavor?

Mmm...Blueberry Pomegranate Hemavol

This is the newest flavor from iForce Nutrition. It just came out and now we have it here at Best Price Nutrition for $28.99. How does it taste? Well personally I haven't tried it yet and there isn't much about it online due to it beingso new. But if it's anything like the other flavors, it's going to be pure ECSTACY!

And Another New Flavor...

One other flavor that is being released soon is Cherry Limeade Hemavol. Now we do not sell this one yet, but we will definitely announce when we do. Sounds like a delicious flavor.

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By Jeff Moriarty