Bpi has recently released one of their new fat burners for this coming fat burning craze. Stim Elite is a potent fat burner containing quality stimulants and active fat burning elements.

Stim Elite Fat Burner

Bpi Stim-Elite 30 Servings

The New Fat Burning Supplement to enter the Bpi family, Stim Elite is a ground breaking stimulant based fat burner that will take the market by storm. Stim Elite contains some of the most popular fat burning and energy enhancing  ingredients of 2012. This formula contains a good quantity of Caffeine as well as Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean, Yohimbe and Bpi's Fat Burning  and Muscle Defining Blend.

According to Bpi Sports, "STIM-ELITE is the most aggressive Fat Burning formula vailable anywhere! The newest science and most innovative weight loss compounds means that you will experience results unlike anything you’ve ever thought possible."

Where Can I Find the New Bpi Sports Fat Burner?

You can find this new product here for only $33.95!

By Tony Brettman