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It's January again and you know what that means, everyone is back at the gym with their new years resolutions. Now this is great, as it can hopefully drive you to be heathier in 2013. Now this time is now a favorite time of the year for gym goers, as it means hard-to-find parking spots, waiting in line to use gym equipment and just an overall change for your daily patterns.

Well we wanted to ask our Facebook fans what their biggest pet peeves were at this time of the year, and this is what they said...

Best Price Nutrition Facebook Fans Pet Peeves in January at the Gym

Matt Stranberg Irritated by noobs everywhere
Yesterday at 9:32am via mobile · Like
Rob Formella Its always crowded with "resloutioners".
Yesterday at 9:32am · Like · 1
Daniel R. Murphy I can't stand the One-Weekers.
Yesterday at 9:32am · Like
Edward Bermudez Jr The two week newbies that crowd the gym for their New Years resolution!....sigh!
Yesterday at 9:33am via mobile · Like
Robert Zushma People starting a New Years resolution and taking up equipment when they will give up in two weeks.
Yesterday at 9:33am · Like
Dillon Bedell People curling in the squat rack!
Yesterday at 9:33am via mobile · Like
Rob Schumacher Crowed
Yesterday at 9:33am · Like
Chris Simpson The people who complain about the noise from deadlifts!
Yesterday at 9:33am · Like
Scott McDonald not all noobs r bad if they r just beginners, i dont mind those people. I help those people but i do hate the 1 month of the year people who do everything wrong, take forever and dont respect others in the gym!
Yesterday at 9:34am · Like
Al Bérubé It's packed with people!
Yesterday at 9:34am · Like
Brian Happeny The 2 week, New Years resolution club!!
Yesterday at 9:34am via mobile · Like · 1
David Boyd At my gym it hasn't been crowded with resolution people. They must be all down the road at the Planet Crapness.
Yesterday at 9:34am · Like
James Wooden People jacking their jaws! Move with a sense of purpose!
Yesterday at 9:34am · Like
Andy Jimenez all newcomers for the spring and summer cut... beach-body people I call them then gone before the summer comes.
Yesterday at 9:35am · Like
Prithpal Singh The most irritating thing is the newbies taking up their new year resolutions to stay fit(which lasts not more than a month in maximum cases), eventually over crowding the gym..and making us wait to use the machines!! And obviously their glares at you when you go heavy!
Yesterday at 9:35am · Like
Anthony Cole simple answer.packed with knuckleheads.
Yesterday at 9:35am · Like
Shaun Hoisington That so many people are all excited about there goals until it gets hard, then they give up.
Yesterday at 9:35am via mobile · Like
Chris Powell Getting asked "can you show me some exercises that make my arms bigger?? This is my first time in a gym"
Yesterday at 9:36am via mobile · Like
David Prado Seeing so many people in line to sign up as a new years resolution... just knowing that in a few weeks they will probably never return. It's all empty goals and lack of self-respect.
Yesterday at 9:36am · Like
Lucas Jaeger Huge groups of people sharing one machine.
Yesterday at 9:36am via mobile · Like
Izzy Mendiola No one was there had it all to my self..
Yesterday at 9:36am via mobile · Like
Mike Hollis "New Years Resolution" people crowding the good equipment
Yesterday at 9:37am · Like
Danielle Dick Cell phones!! Get off of them!!!
Yesterday at 9:37am via mobile · Like
Drake Buffy Griffin can't do chest or arms since all the newbies do the vanity muscles
Yesterday at 9:37am · Like
Kody Beaudoin Having to be quiet
Yesterday at 9:37am via mobile · Like
Joseph Hercules Sali You cant get a bench for benchpress..
Yesterday at 9:38am via mobile · Like
Luke Hulands The fans and aircon they put on full blast. I'm there to pump and sweat my arse off not go to the snow...
Yesterday at 9:38am via mobile · Like
Bory Hou All the f'n ppl and their New Years too lose weight resolution . They show up 1 month hard then never come back...
Yesterday at 9:38am via mobile · Like
Kelley Hooker too many people
Yesterday at 9:38am · Edited · Like
James Ryan McKnight People stealing my bench between sets and then not wiping it down. That's when you take their smith machine, add a few 45's on each side and push it to the top rack, and watch them learn gym etiquette the hard way.
Yesterday at 9:38am via mobile · Like
Dylan Gideon Too many dudes in the sauna. I wont alone time. Oh and put a towel on people. And yes that means you old man.
Yesterday at 9:38am via mobile · Like
Angel Guichardo Hate it when people sit on a machine and start txting for several minutes when others want to use the machine
Yesterday at 9:38am · Like · 1
Jose Angel Dust The noobs that come and workout and just do arms & chest thinking they huge and shit
Yesterday at 9:39am · Like
Jerry Miller New year's resolutioners packing the gym
Yesterday at 9:39am · Like · 1
Danny Nguyen Working out their mouth..
Yesterday at 9:39am · Like
Corey Evans not cleaning up equipment
Yesterday at 9:40am · Like
Adam A-bomb Toerock the mad rush of people....i'm a home gym'r now though
Yesterday at 9:40am via mobile · Like
Loni Broesch people who are jerks to the new people...
Yesterday at 9:40am · Like
Greg Osborn To many people, I like to get in and get out!
Yesterday at 9:40am · Like
John Tokosh Being cold. Gym owner is cheap
Yesterday at 9:41am via mobile · Like
Charlie Davis Waiting to get on bench or incline or any thing in the gym to many people in a small gym
Yesterday at 9:42am via mobile · Like
Christopher Richardson Well here in Korea, for some reason people use safety clams on the smith machine O_o. Man it is annoying to see.
Yesterday at 9:42am · Like
Nicholas O. Prowell Too many people that don't have any idea what they are doing!!!
Yesterday at 9:42am via mobile · Like
HeatherLynn Johnson Guys staring at them selfs in the mirror
Yesterday at 9:43am via mobile · Like
Joe Beasock since we have a planet fitness our gym crowd hasn't gone up like it use to in january!
Yesterday at 9:43am · Like
Damon Smith Big muscle head idiots who drop weights and scream while lifting....hey a-holes...WE AREN'T IMPRESSED!!!
Yesterday at 9:43am · Like · 1
Dave Cook People who read a book or paper while lifting or performing an exercise. Clearly, it's not hard enough if you are able to read while doing it.
Yesterday at 9:46am · Like
Bob Kupniewski Trainers who tell their clients wrong things
Yesterday at 9:46am via mobile · Like · 1
Craig Whitlock The people that don't respect the equipment, slam weights on the ground and don't care if they break.
Yesterday at 9:47am via mobile · Like
Michelle Trader Too many people there just for a New Year Resolution
Yesterday at 9:48am · Like
Joshua Hammer People that don't workout but show up to the gym in January thinking they know everything and try to give me advice
Yesterday at 9:48am via mobile · Like
Brandon Haught Bent bars..absolutely frustrating..and worse is watching some one doing it
Yesterday at 9:49am via mobile · Like
Mike Sheldon The guy the keeps on insisting to pop his damn nasty azz pimples in the mirror ON THE GYM FLOOR!! WTF, also once he is done with that and left splatter on the glass he starts biting skin from his hands and fingers..then grabs the damn weights.... Awww, thats been bottled up for a while....
Yesterday at 9:49am via mobile · Like
Joe Carslake Muscles in a jar, I got mine from training.
Yesterday at 9:49am · Like · 1
Billy Davies People who spend epic amounts of time on the cardio machines. I'll weight train and cardio for 60-90 minutes and people will still be on the elliptical.
Yesterday at 9:51am · Edited · Like · 1
Alex Lloyd Nothing really. I try and stay focused on my reason for being there and block out any distractions
Yesterday at 9:52am · Like · 2
Jodie Miller Being over run by people who have made New Years resolution but don't understand gym etiquette and burn out in 2 months
Yesterday at 9:52am via mobile · Like
Stone Hewitt nothing!
Yesterday at 9:53am · Like
Niall Kirwan Really fat bloated people ...!!!!

Oh sorry ... That's me ..!!!!
Yesterday at 9:53am via mobile · Like
Lauren Metcalfe ALL of the New Years Resolutioners hogging the equipement and not knowing what they are doing at all! "You're just going to give up at the end of the month, so why not quit now!" haha
Yesterday at 9:55am · Like · 1
Charleston Burr I don't mind people in the gym who want to get in shape. But the people that show up to be social; I can't stand it. Go to the bar!
Yesterday at 9:56am · Like · 1
Christopher Jolliff Gym grunters!!! HOIT! HOIT! HOIT! lol
Yesterday at 9:56am via mobile · Like
Brandon D. Hedrick People standing on/around machines talking instead of lifting!!
Yesterday at 9:57am · Like
Niall Kirwan Your right Heather Lynn , they should of been looking at you .., mmmmmm..!!!!
Yesterday at 10:01am via mobile · Like
Tim Byron people thinking they know it all and not accepting advice
Yesterday at 10:01am · Like
David Montalvo Overcrowded!
Yesterday at 10:01am via mobile · Like
Demetrio Pineda Quintero Ugh its the half stepper from. Those new year resolutions......lots of them come but in march thier gone
Yesterday at 10:01am via mobile · Like
Angie Peterson It's very crowded
Yesterday at 10:02am · Like
Derrick Hadding People who sell themselves short
Yesterday at 10:02am via mobile · Like
Nick Waber One thing that irritates me is when people half ass it while working out. If your not going to do it right, get help.
Yesterday at 10:05am · Like
Chad Lusk Waiting for the newbies and the ppl who cant hack it to quit usually takes a month or so
Yesterday at 10:06am · Like
Mike Nowak Newbs!
Yesterday at 10:07am via mobile · Like
Steven Stoltz what irritates me the 68 year old man full frontal mooning as soon as you walk around the corner to the lockers....
Yesterday at 10:08am · Like
Monique Wilson sweet
Yesterday at 10:09am · Like
Khang Huynh farts
Yesterday at 10:09am · Like
Cedric Milan The smell as soon as you walk in the door...
Yesterday at 10:12am · Like
Nicholas Petricca Those guys who just grunt and yell at an excessive level...
Yesterday at 10:12am · Like · 1
Deejay SickBoy All the new people trying to start there new years resolution, but they'll be gone soon enough
Yesterday at 10:12am · Like
Raymond Carney When people are rude at the gym. Maybe more people would stick to their resolutions if they had more support. The gym is not about ego, its about self improvement.
Yesterday at 10:12am · Like
Mike Lipcsey The people who come just to people watch........get in get out get big, that's my motto
Yesterday at 10:13am via mobile · Like
Justin Lewis All the NEW people that seen to Tapper off as the weeks and month come to an end
Yesterday at 10:13am via mobile · Like
Brian Hayden The abundant amount of people on cardio machines trying to fulfill their New Years Resolutions. Good for them, but I need a treadmill!!
Yesterday at 10:14am · Like
Jeremy Shelson Chatting and playing on their phones the entire workout
Yesterday at 10:14am via mobile · Like
Steve Henderson But nothing irritates me about the gym in January. I like that fact that more people are try to improve their health and fitness and I do what I can to help them. If I help 10 people and 1 stays and finds passion in being fit and living a healthy lifestyle I consider it a win.
Yesterday at 10:16am · Like
Kennedy Nguyen Too cold to get to the gym
Yesterday at 10:17am via mobile · Like
Jeremy LiftHeavy Fischer Half squats
Yesterday at 10:17am · Like
Sean Seech That there are no cheap gyms around me!
Yesterday at 10:18am · Like
Ryan Stevenson New Years Resolution people that aren't there in February!
Yesterday at 10:19am · Like
Brian Parker i really hate them guys that do supersets but take forever, ill see a machine " hey r u using this?" " oh ya bro im super setting" nd it will be on like three machine. i have never tried this product and would really like to
Yesterday at 10:19am · Like
Spencer Regelson It's too cold!
Yesterday at 10:21am · Like
Mike Muller People taking up space
Yesterday at 10:21am · Like
Chris Snewz It really irritates me when people who go all the time to the gym start acting extra cocky in January and do 1 set on any bench/machine and then.just stay on it talking and don't use it, but just stay there.
Yesterday at 10:24am · Like
Tyler Werner Curls in the squat rack
Yesterday at 10:26am via mobile · Like
Doru Florea the end of that bulking season no more angus peppering burgers
Yesterday at 10:26am · Like · 1
Andrew Long People doing hours of steady state cardio a day.
Yesterday at 10:27am via mobile · Like
Jerry DiGiovanni First time gym goers that are above 65 and think its ok to walk around with their chandelier hanging out all over the locker room...
Yesterday at 10:28am via mobile · Like
Steve Shibilia People that have been the to the gym only the first week of every year
Yesterday at 10:28am via mobile · Like
Amy Grimm-Fuhrman People who would rather do wayyy too much weight, and have such poor form that you just KNOW they're going to hurt themselves, but they don't! Smh!
Yesterday at 10:29am · Like
Andre Melton People don't clean the equipment sometimes!
Yesterday at 10:31am · Like
Jason Nastasi New year resolutioner who take up space and wind up quiting in 2 months.
Yesterday at 10:32am via mobile · Like
Greg Morgan old naked men that just stand around talking in the locker room..PUT SOME CLOSE ON!!!
Yesterday at 10:33am · Like
Sean Liebrand People who don't put their weights back....
Yesterday at 10:34am via mobile · Like
Andrew Gerard Naegele School weights and charter weights aren't the same
Yesterday at 10:34am via mobile · Like
Pete Kenyon I get irritated by everyone complaining about resolutioners.
Yesterday at 10:34am · Like
Sean Murphy All the newbies lol
Yesterday at 10:34am via mobile · Like
Jona Castillo people that leave there stuff on one machine n then go n use another one.
Yesterday at 10:34am · Like
Joleen Laforest People who hog machines while they are sitting there texting or talking on the phone. If you aren't using the machine then move!
Yesterday at 10:35am · Like
Max Power Gym packs...those groups of 5 or more d-bags that insist on 'working out' together but mostly just bs around getting in the way. Can't stand that.
Yesterday at 10:35am via mobile · Like
Steve Jeffrey new gym members slapping on ben gay before they work out all over machines it stinks
Yesterday at 10:35am · Like
Yves Lamothe People with poor gym etiquette .. For example, don't just leave the weights on the bar or leave them all the floor..
Yesterday at 10:36am via mobile · Like
Soroosh Toraby whats irritating is people, specially females, who jump in and wanna share a machine without asking and since they are ladies, i cant argue with them or cause a scene, i just walk away and pretend its cool. guys usually ask before jumping in so much respect to that.
Yesterday at 10:36am · Like
Jonathan Reznik People coming back to the gym to soon after having the cold or flu and passing it on to you.
Yesterday at 10:42am · Like
Mel Caluag I don't mind the crowd. But with so many people in January, there's always that one rascal that doesn't clean himself and STINKS up the place. If you smell what I'm cookin.
Yesterday at 10:42am · Like
Sevan Ismailian The newbs who get their hopes all up from new year resolution that take up my benches for a week or two and then quit...only to do it again next year.
Yesterday at 10:46am · Like
Jason Fischer People who do half squats or leg presses .... And the smith machine
Yesterday at 10:46am via mobile · Like
Brittany Barbeau It irritates me when people try talking to you while in the middle of a set...
Yesterday at 10:50am via mobile · Like
Mary Schueller The people that don't have respect for others that talk about others who are learning even if they are overweight leave them alone don't talk about them its NOT nice you could have been in their shoes once its totally annoying
Yesterday at 10:51am · Like
C.l. Fraver Coming at you with 7 kinds of smoke!
Yesterday at 10:52am via mobile · Like
Jeremy Loveland When people don't wipe down the weights and benches when done
Yesterday at 10:52am · Like
Ninfa Jeremy Valencia The gym being packed with people who only last 2 weeks
Yesterday at 10:52am via mobile · Like
George Jurcevich everyone just wants to stand around and talk and act like they're not in the way.
Yesterday at 10:55am · Like
Jennifer Henderson So crowded by the crazy people with New Year's resolution today never get past January
Yesterday at 10:56am via mobile · Like
Carey Terrell Wash when people want to talk instead of working out!
Yesterday at 10:57am · Like
Gary Mounsey people that dont no wut there doin an sit there in one spot for hrs an u gatta wait
Yesterday at 10:58am via mobile · Like
Michael McPhee Clown make-up bimbos that are there to be seen and never really workout.
Yesterday at 10:59am via mobile · Like · 1
Lance Stone Resolution members! I call them "reso's". I am all about getting healthy but 99% of these people won't make it past February. So there they are in your way standing around not only staring at the machinery ( lost in what to do ) but they are also staring at you! Then after they do one workout they kick their cute little girly arms out like they just got 3 times bigger,lol. Go to curves and get the hell out of my way little man.
Yesterday at 10:59am via mobile · Like
Alex Kimmell Had to park in a lot down the road because they were giving away pizza last night.
Yesterday at 11:01am · Like
Justin Huffman The guy that juggles near the yoga mat section where I stretch and do abs! If I get hit with a weighted juggling pin I may fight him.
Yesterday at 11:02am via mobile · Like
Shaine Papworth-Mcguire When they sit on the bench and talk for 15 minutes so no one can use it
Yesterday at 11:03am · Like
Eric Stanley Bossler People don't put the damn weights away...
Yesterday at 11:04am via mobile · Like · 1
Jack The-Ripper Karasu The free weight section is filled...
Yesterday at 11:07am · Like
Jeremy Mallouf The people that u know wont be there in Feb
Yesterday at 11:08am via mobile · Like
Kyle Dow people that spend more time at the mirror then lifting..
Yesterday at 11:10am · Like
Josh Freeman People not wiping their areas down after they use something
Yesterday at 11:12am via mobile · Like
Amado Yolo Moyano Over crowded
Yesterday at 11:12am via mobile · Like
Evette Owens People that don't cleans after they work out on equipment
Yesterday at 11:13am via mobile · Like
A.J. Smith People who get mad when i curl in the squat rack.
Yesterday at 11:17am via mobile · Like
Justin Cannon Ppl who leave there weighs laying around or still on the machine
Yesterday at 11:21am via mobile · Like
Israel Diaz de Leon The noobs! Some of them ask what should they do for this n that n after u tell them they do something completely different.
Yesterday at 11:22am via mobile · Like
Zackery Aaron Schuette People who walk for half an hour and call it a workout.
Yesterday at 11:22am · Like
Bobby Hernandez Not re-racking their weights
Yesterday at 11:22am · Like
Mike Whittenberg The cable crossover crews. Do their entire workout on them!!!!
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Colten Root New members that dont knkw proper gym etiquette!!!
23 hours ago · Like
David Marc Saldana I love working out, im trying to do some shows this year
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Jason Parker People not putting their weights away, or not cleaning up their sweat....
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Marc Cole To many people that just don't care!
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Russell Sherlock Crowded
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Devon Martin People who come up and talk to you during a set even when you have your headphones on...
23 hours ago · Like
Mikel Archibeque How does it taste? I hear its gross! But if it works...
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Edward Whaley those people who sit there on the hammer strength machines on their cell phones 10 mins betweens sets
23 hours ago · Like
Brad Souster Beef cakes who stand around complaining about the gym/fitness center in January. Did I win?
23 hours ago · Like
Akoc Cocane Martin Its crowded
23 hours ago · Like
Rhonda LaPointe O'Brien People who do not clean up after themselves when they sweat on a piece of equipment. GROSS!!!!!
23 hours ago · Like · 1
Collin Korey Too many people that sit on their phones!
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Michael Trollinger People on equipment talking there butts off...get it in n get off the equipment...
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Patrick Hynes everyday is chest day
23 hours ago · Like
David Montgomery People wearing jeans 2 train....
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Shaun K Johnson Nothing I workout at home
23 hours ago · Like
Richie Pierson peopel holding the front of the treadmill on and level 15 incline
23 hours ago · Like
Preston Khiev The gym is always really crowded right after new years for about a month.
23 hours ago · Like
Michael Overman Guys acting like they are bad even though they have no clue about weight training.
23 hours ago · Like
Nick Whitney The ones that make a new years resolution to come in and get fit over the year, they take up too much room till march when they migrate back to their couch
23 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Sebastian Lopez people that dont know how to work out!
23 hours ago · Edited · Like
Michael Castro it's busy as fuuuuuuuuck.
23 hours ago · Like
Rick Vagnoni People taking too much time on equipment because it's there first time using it and they are trying to figure out how it works.
23 hours ago · Like
Juan Acosta People curling in the squat rack.
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Tom Mccartney Dave beer standing looking at himself in the mirror lmfao
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Corey Richardson The gym is crowded even at 6am
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Mike Makuch New Years resolutioners
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Anthony AG being cold in the gym
23 hours ago · Like
Larry Robinson All the "standing around friends" with the one serious lifter.
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Cristina Fout The trainers hustling me to buy PT sessions when they look like they've never worked out a day in their life.
23 hours ago via mobile · Like
Cori Smith Wright This whole thread annoys me! How about asking for a POSITIVE thing about the gym instead of a negative thing? People of all shapes, sizes, and various fitness levels trying their best to improve their health!! But I agree, not wiping down the equipment after you sweat all over it is bad manners!
23 hours ago · Like · 1
Jeff Walters That one person that is always at the gym, but never is working out. Just stands there... watching...
22 hours ago · Like
Tyrone Roach Too many people in the gym and you have to wait for ages to get on anything
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Sam Thorp-Nichols Resolutioners! They join the gym for a month then leave
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Louis Garza Resolutioners! They take up space lol
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Mike Disper To many people
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Arthur Xia An overcrowded gym with people looking to fulfill their New Years resolutions.
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Terrenzo Jones An unhealthy person trying to eat healthy yet calls themselves a fat kid. And then......gets mad at me for being fit.
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Cam Suddarth-Cockrell Overcrowding for sure.
22 hours ago · Like
Alex Chubokas too many people
22 hours ago · Like
Lia Vue Yang Too many people at the gym because everyone is trying to workout as a part of their new year resolution
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Jesse Valdez Jr Having to look around the gym for dumbbells
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Anthony Monterosso Too many people just standing around chatting like it is happy hour
22 hours ago · Like
Michael O'Connell Resolutioners who don't know how to clean up equipment after use
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Gary Bubar People texting while on machines
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Chase Wright All the Hippy Mother fuckers that hog the squat racks so they can do curls in them!
22 hours ago · Like
Louie Chamberlain Resolutioners trying to get " shredded" yet they walk in with mcdonalds bags or right when they leave zip right into the closest drive thru because " they wanna bulk" like bro u been bulking for life!
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Troy Prutzman People attempting to follow through with their resolution to lose weight. Well congrats, that requires effort in order to obtain results. Not conversation, followed by cell phones, hogging equipment to hold conversations on or around and then afterwards talking about their great workout they had! Another thing is people not cleaning off the equipment and putting stuff back were they got it!
22 hours ago · Like
Daniel Camacho all the people that wanna change their lifestyle and think gym is 100% and nutrition isnt!
21 hours ago · Like
Donna Hannah lots of wanna be's go to gym in january because of new years resolutons....thus crowded...feb is better for us who keep keeping on.....
21 hours ago · Like
Kelley Koors Waiting in line for the equipment! I know have to go at 5am to beat the rush!
21 hours ago via mobile · Like
Helen Gaynor Edwards It just makes me feel better about myself
21 hours ago via mobile · Like
Helen Gaynor Edwards To bad the people there. Dont
21 hours ago via mobile · Like
Andres Hernandez Trainers that act like their too busy to answer questions...."yo! Where the restroom?"
21 hours ago via mobile · Like
Kevin Mateblewski Chest mondays are the worst
21 hours ago · Like
Carter Park ^Agreed! Kids on bench all day long..
21 hours ago · Like
Phillip Zou Mmm watermelon !See Translation
21 hours ago via mobile · Like
Bryan Calle curls in squat rack/ horrible dead-lift form....
21 hours ago · Like
Brandon Plumb The people that go there once, don't see results then never come back. You have to put in the effort to get the results!
21 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Kyle Hopkins Clueless wandering cell phone blabbing newbies
21 hours ago via mobile · Like
Bob Noonan Someone stole my sweaty hat at the gym last night. That irritated me.
20 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Healthy Fit Firm Nothing! I train at home!
20 hours ago · Like · 1
Thomas Blade people talking up a storm !
20 hours ago · Like · 1
Theresa Malinowski Hobbs No parking spaces:-(
20 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Denise Wood Hilliard New Year's resolutioners....
20 hours ago · Like
Victor Ayeni people farting out loud around the squat rack
19 hours ago · Like · 1
Louis King i hate people that go for a social hour to talk and sit on equipment and hold up the ones who are hitting it
19 hours ago · Like · 1
Pete Childs people
19 hours ago · Like
Raymond Parker Not sure
19 hours ago · Like
Robin Clark Since January is the resolution month. The gyms are over crowded with people who will drop their membership in a month. As where we are working hard to keep in shape. But have to WAIT. While the Tweet and FB that they are working out. Urgggg
19 hours ago · Like
Mark Cagnetta All the newbies aren't serious about working out.
19 hours ago · Like
Robin Cope People who complainabout other peoples workouts. If they are doing something wrong then politely offer to show them correct form, don't be rude or cocky. One day they might be teaching you if they are being lazy, help motivate them. if they are being rude, tell gym management. If they are doing everything correct, applaud them.
18 hours ago · Like · 2
Danny Long This stuff i great
18 hours ago via mobile · Like
Lucas Lanciana New Years resolution people who try to be hard with big weights and embarrass themselves.
18 hours ago via mobile · Like
David Sanders People that start talking to you whilst you're in the zone. ESPECIALLY mid set. Grrrrr
18 hours ago via mobile · Like
Chas Miller Painter Good stuff
18 hours ago via mobile · Like
Chas Miller Painter People thinking its a meat market!
18 hours ago · Like
Patrick FitzGerald New Years resolutioners ego lifting with horrid form!
18 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Adrian Gonzalez When people talk on the phone and jus taking up equipment.
17 hours ago via mobile · Like
Alexander Franco Gym is too crowded, and all the machines are busy
17 hours ago via mobile · Like
Keith Tasker Revolutionists taking up all the parking spaces!
17 hours ago · Like
Angela Lee Parker ?
17 hours ago · Like
Christopher Soto when you got to take a shower and there all full and then, you got to wait and they all stare at you, and then when its your turn they still stare, no not really but i hate taken a shower with other people. Im just glad they dont ask for the soap
17 hours ago · Like
Anita Alonzo people talking next to the machines that they say are using when they are not .. biggest pet peeve ever
17 hours ago · Like
Geoffrey Scott Bilder People who don't work hard! Start workin' or get out of the way!
16 hours ago · Like
Jb Huneycutt people texting at the gym when u need the thing there sitting on to workout with
16 hours ago · Like
Jesse Houseman I love all the people who go for about a week and then never come again. It only irritates me on national chest day (monday) because they feel the need to take up every conceivable bench for the one workout they do for the year. NEWBS!
16 hours ago · Like
Olegario Esquivel Razor 8 cause god told Allmax he needed a preworkout!
16 hours ago · Like
Jacob Toppen I have probably seen all 25 this January already http://spotmebro.com/25-reasons-you-might-be-a-gym-idiot/
25 Reasons You Might Be A Gym Idiot - SpotMeBro.com
Does any of this sound familiar? If your weekly routine doesn’t include a leg day, you’re a gym idiot. If you sacrifice form for weight, you’re
16 hours ago via mobile · Like · Remove Preview
Mike Lang Gyms are overcrowded!
15 hours ago · Like
Riley Thornburrow to man ypeople
13 hours ago · Like
Blake Langely sweet
13 hours ago · Like
Patrick Harris the people that steal my equipment when im getting a drink or something
13 hours ago · Like
Billie Watkins Jr. It's open 7 days a week, I just wish it stayed open til 10pm rather than (pm and opened at 5am over 6am. Weekend are short on times also, but other than that, its a great gym. I find this product very effective. Can I get a trial? I would appreciate this greatly.
12 hours ago · Like
Jesus Adolfo Nothing. It is what it is.
12 hours ago via mobile · Like
Laura Pena The people that stand around and talk
11 hours ago · Like
Grammaton Cleric Cellphones bro
11 hours ago · Like
James Saleam Those people who come with a friend, waste a whole bunch of time chatting and messing around, and claim to be 'circuit training'. They hog multiple machines at any one time, while seeming not to be doing anything productive with any of them .
10 hours ago · Like
Sergio Ramirez The idiots that say"how many sets you got " or the cackling chickens taking up the machines to chat..
10 hours ago via mobile · Like
Thomas Thompson When people act as if the public gym is their own by leaving sweat on the machines, no re-racking the weights, and talking loud enough to break your concentration (even when you are wearing earphones).
6 hours ago via mobile · Like
Carlomario Suarez Salcedo Cell phones!
6 hours ago · Like
Jason Yanes overcrowded!
4 hours ago · Like
Denise R Waring Mine is not open on Sundays!
2 hours ago · Likem


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