Photo: Any guesses?

I am really a big fan of CTD Labs. Well I have only used a few of their products, but their pre-workout supplement Noxipro and their non-stimulant pre-workout Noxivol work wonders with my body. Stack them together and that's a potent pre-workout punch.

Now I am familiar with their CTD Labs Hypercuts product, which is their fat burner. I have never used it personally, but it's a good seller on Best Price Nutrition. Today, I got to meet with one of the head people at CTD Labs and he told me about new product that would be replacing would be called Stim Pro.

What is Stim Pro?

Now, I couldn't get too much out of him. The product won't be available for a few months, but he did tell me it has some new ingredients now found in anything out there. It's going to give you energy and it's going to make you sweat. He expected it to give you about 6-8 hours of energy and really kick in about 2-2.5 hours after you take it. Also, it's not going to be some huge proprietary blend with 80 ingredients. He expects the final version to only have a few VERY POTENT ingredients.

Either way, I am looking forward to this new product. Expect a review of it on our Youtube Channel once it's released!


By Jeff Moriarty