What is Dendrobium extract? The ingredient behind Craze and Detonate.

The fascination with stimulants and nootropics is nothing new to the sports nutrition and performance realm; however some aspects seem to be progressing rapidly. With supplement companies fighting over who has the strongest or ‘best’ pre-workout or fat-burner it seems a new frontier is upon us. Enter the ‘feel good’ aspect.

Starting off with the innovators at Driven Sports, CRAZE hit the market and has had a bit of a ground-swell and cult following behind its unique pre-workout enhancement.

Following the CRAZE approach similarity but not exactly is Gaspari Detonate containing the Dendrobium Extract but no mention of the patented Dendrobex found in Driven Sports CRAZE.


What is Dendrobium?

dendrobium extract

Dendrobium is a family of orchids ‘flowers’ for the non-botanists, the curious feature with Dendrobium and its extract however is the naturally occurring ‘nootropic’ phenylethylamine.

How Does Dendrobium Work?

Dendrobium Extract works in a few ways, but one thing that most users will notice is that it puts you in a good mood. It does this by signaling the release of Epinephrine, Norepinephrine & Dopamine!

How Dendrobium Works

Dendrobium Side Effects

Dendrobium contains several chemicals. Some of these chemicals might have effects in the body. They might lower blood pressure, increase blood sugar, and reduce pain. They might also increase the chance of seizure. However, none of these effects have been studied in people. Therefore, the effects of dendrobium in people are not clear.

-Taken from WebMd as there are few other reliable sources on this new ingredient.

Where to Buy Dendrobium

Currently there are 2 products containing Dendrobium Extract that We Carry!

Driven Sports Craze

Gaspari Detonate

Driven Sports Craze Ingredients


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Gaspari Detonate Ingredients

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By David Schroer