Does Whey Protein Contain Heavy Metals

Recently there has been a lot of talk and questions being asked regarding the heavy metals being found in whey protein supplements. We want to help provide you with the context and information so that you can then make an informed decision on the issue yourself.

First we must ask the Question Compared to What?

Consumer Reports did an attention grabbing piece to grab headlines making the amounts of heavy metals found in whey protein sound dangerous.

So when we ask compared to what we find that 1 medium sweet potato, 1/3 cup of spinach, 1 medium apple all have more lead than your average 32g serving of whey protein. These metals are found in foods because they are in our environment (soil) so why then are we told to be fearful for them when they are also found in a supplemental food product at much lower doses.

Dose that makes the Poison

Almost everything can have negative side effects in very large amounts but in small amounts can actually have benefits (radiation for example) it is called hormesis.

Are Whey Protein Supplements Safe

We would really like to convey the point that whey protein is a food, and nutrient dense one at that. Whey makes up 50% of mothers breast milk, it is derived in the same process as milk, cheese and yogurt. So the quicker we start viewing it as food with  immune enhancement, anti-carcinogenic, gut health improving properties and less as just a muscle building supplement the sooner we can get past these claims that it is dangerous or unsafe. Saying I don’t take Whey Protein because of its naturally occurring constituents is like saying I don’t drink milk because it contains calcium; (too much calcium is bad too).


So if you take nothing else from this, just start questioning everything you hear from a newspaper, magazine or news brief and decide if they are reiterating that information for ratings and readership or purely out of information distribution. 

Thank You for Reading and We Truly Hope this Helps! 


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By David Schroer