dr oz dr weil how to lower blood pressure

Dr Oz & Dr Andrew Weil How to Lower Cholesterol

Dr Oz and Guest Dr Weil talk about high cholesterol levels and how to manage and reduce them by supplementing with natural extracts as opposed to harsh pharmaceuticals. The recommended ingredients to look for are Red Yeast Rice, CoQ10 & Niacin (Vitamin B3).

Dr Oz & Dr Weil How to Lower Blood Pressure

Utilizing natural herbal remedies can be a great alternative before turning to harsh pharmaceutical drugs. Red Yeast Rice contains a compound called lovastatin, among other statins. These are the same things cholesterol medications are based on! By lowering the important enzyme responsible for the creation of cholesterol in the liver, so by lowering/inhibiting this enzyme you can successfully reduce your cholesterol, and much, much cheaper than synthetic pharmaceuticals!

Recent research indicates that statin therapy can also reduce C-reactive protein, which is associated with increased risk of several additional types of coronary events. 

Dr Oz & Dr Weil Red Yeast Rice Dosing & Dosage

Dr. Oz recommended 1200mg twice per day. He has also recommended taking as low as 600mg twice per day. This all-natural product is one that Dr. Weil takes and is good for genetically lowering LDL. This bottle will last you 25-45 days.

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Red Yeast Rice Side Effects

Red yeast contains chemicals similar to the prescription drugs called "statins." Therefore, red yeast might also cause side effects similar to statin drugs, such as liver damage and severe muscle pain and muscle damage.

Where to Buy Dr Oz Red Yeast Rice

We Carry Solaray Red Yeast Rice 600mg 90 Caps!

By David Schroer