Dr Gerald Lemole Echinacea for Longevity  

On a recent episode of Dr Oz he had guest Doctor Gerald Lemole on to talk about the best herbs for Longevity they mentioned Echincaea as well as Red Clover Tea!


 dr oz echinacea  

Dr Lemole Echinacea: What is it?

Echinacea is thought to support the immune system by activating white blood cells. Three major groups of constituents may work together to increase the production and activity of white blood cells (lymphocytes and macrophages), including alkylamides/polyacetylenes, caffeic acid derivatives, and polysaccharides. More studies are needed to determine if and how echinacea stimulates the immune system in humans.

Dr Lemole Echinacea Dosage & Directions

Dr. Oz said to utilize Echinacea for immune enhancing and fighting the flu. He recommended taking 500mg 3x per day.


Dr Lemole Echinacea Benefits

  • Encourage Immune System
  • Reduce Cold & Flu Symptoms
  • Help healing infections & other conditions


Echinacea Side Effects & Warnings

Although uncommon, allergic reactions to Echinacea have been reported.

Dr Lemole Where to Buy Echinacea

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