On a recent Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz focuses on a supplement that promotes younger and healthier looking skin, reducing the signs of aging and possibly turning back the time clock by 7 years. What is that Anti-Aging Dietary supplement that can make you feel up to 7 years younger? Pine Bark Extract(Pycnogenol)!


What is Pine Bark Extract?

Pine Bark Extract, also known as Pycnogenol, is a dieatry supplement that aids in restoring skin and reducing signs of aging and stress due to the ingredients containing potent Anti-Oxidants. Anti Oxidants help the body fight off cell stress and damage and allow the body to heal faster and more efficiently.

What Does Dr. Oz say about Pine Bark Extract Supplement?

Dr. Oz recommends Pine Bark Extract or Pycnogenol for healthier  and younger looking skin because of this supplements ability to add moisture to the skin and help to plump it up. When we age our skin tends to lose essential moisture in which the skin then loses its firm appearance and wrinkles begin to form.  Pine Bark Extract supplements the skin with vital anti-oxidants and nutrients to pull the skin tighter to retain mositure maintaining proper health and structure of the skin.

How Much Pine Bark Extract Does Dr. Oz Recommend?

Dr. Oz recommends taking 25mg of Pine Bark Extract pills three times a day, you will begin to see noticeable benefits in about 12 weeks.

Are there any Pine Bark Extract Side Effects?

Pycnogenol has no known interactions with herbs or supplements, but in rare cases can cause headaches, digestive issues, or dizziness. It’s been shown to be safe at high dosages even for long periods of time.

Where Can I buy Pine Bark Extract?

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By Tony Brettman