Source Naturals Pure 5-HTP 50mg 120 Caps

Dr Oz 5-HTP Natural Appetite Suppressant

On recent episode of the Dr Oz show about how boosting serotonin levels naturally with a product like 5 HTP can have an remarkable effect on the control of appetite and cravings!

What is 5-HTP

5-HTP is completely natural and the precursor to serotonin, by consuming a 5-htp or L-tryptophan supplement we can ensure our serotonin levels are optimal. Optimal serotonin levels can have a beneficial impact on cravings and appetite.

How Does 5-htp Work

By simply supplementing with 5 HTP you can kind of trick your body; by increasing levels of serotonin your body won’t send those hunger/craving signals and you can go longer without eating while increasing your mood!

Dr OZ 5HTP Dosage

  • Take 50 mg three times per day (before each meal)
  • Look for “Pure 5-HTP” or “Griffonia Simplicifolia” on the package

Dr OZ 5-HTP Supplement Recommendation

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By Jeff Moriarty