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Dr Oz Acacia Powder Side Effects

Recently Dr Oz mentioned Organic Acacia Fiber for its hunger suppression benefits and detox effects. Dr Oz mentioned that many people have been successful at losing weight and curbing appetite and cravings by using Acacia Powder daily. Dr Oz mentions that some users may experience additional effects.

Now Foods Acacia Fiber Powder 12 Oz

Now Foods Acacia Powder

What is Acacia Powder Fiber?

This organic nutrition supplement is a fiber that helps slow down the digestion process while promoting feelings of being full. Acacia Supplements are  a soluble fiber that aid in improving the health of the digestive system and can help with proper elimination.

Dr Oz Acacia Fiber Powder Reviews

Carla W.

I have used many fibers for appetite suppression including psyllium, Metamucil, and maltodextrin but none of them have compared to Acacia, not only does it make you feel full but I also notice it helps aid in digestion and I never feel gassy or bloaty like with some of the other fibers. Thanks Dr Oz I’m a customer for life!

Jenny B.

I heard about Acacia Powder for its detox effects but learned that in smaller doses it can be used for a very potent appetite suppressant! And does it work! I usually add some to my morning Green Tea and cannot even notice the difference other than the consistency changes a bit but it is barely notable. Definitely give this on a try if you suffer from cravings like me! 

Acacia Side Effects

Acacia Fiber is FDA approved and generally considered safe. However some users do report adverse reactions when taking Acacia Fiber Supplements.

  • Gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Bloating & Cramps
  • Constipation
  • Headaches


Where to Buy Acacia Fiber Powder


Now Foods Acacia Fiber Powder 12 Oz

Now Foods Acacia Powder


By David Schroer