On today's Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz spoke about belly fat myths. He talked about what actually works and what doesn't. One particular product he talked about for losing belly fat was Acacia Powder.

What is Acacia Powder?

Acacia Powder is a popular soluable fiber (very popular even before the Dr. Oz Show) that improves the health of your digestive system and help eliminate waste from the body more effectively. It's tasteless and can easily be mixed in water.

How Does it Flatten the Belly?

The reason Oz recommended it was because of a key characteristic of Acacia Powder. It helps slow down the digestion of food in the body, which means if you drink it / sprinkle it before a meal, you are going to feel full more quickly, therefore you won't eat as much. And if you don't eat as much during the day, you are going to lose weight.

Dr. Oz also said "This belly blaster is like a diet pill without the chemicals!". This is because it's natural and comes from the bark of the Acacia Tree.

How To Take It?

He recommended that you sprinkle it on your food during every meal. With this though, he also recommended that you drink a large glass of water.

Where to Buy Acacia Powder?

Now Foods Acacia Fiber Powder 12 Oz

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By Jeff Moriarty