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Dr Oz: Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Benefits? Is Alpha Hydroxy Acid Safe? 

On a recent Episode of Dr Oz; Guest Dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf went over the importance of using an Alpha Hydroxy Acid Product in order to reveal a healthy layer of skin without needing to exfoliate. They also go over if Alpha Hydroxy Acid is safe. 

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Dr Oz: Alpha Hydroxy Acid Skin Benefits

  • Remove dead and decaying skin cells
  • Allow new vibrant skin cells to reach the surface


Are Alpha Hydroxy Acid Products Safe?


Dr. Graf with new research coming to light showing that the Alpha Hydroxy Acids found in citrus fruits, sugar cane and milk are quite safe. The products in the past were not nearly as pure and easy on the skin as the products we have today. Which is why some people have a negative idea of Alpha Hydroxy Acid.



Where to Buy Alpha Hydroxy Acid

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By David Schroer