Dr Oz: Artichoke Extract for Anti-Agining

On a recent episode of the Dr Oz Show he and Gust dietician Heidi Skolnik revealed the potent anti-aging benefits of supplement with Artichoke Extract.


What is Artichoke Extract

Globe artichokes are perennial plants related to the thistle. They are native to Europe and the Mediterranean. An extract from their leaves is available in the form of a nutritional supplement which is believed to have a number of medicinal benefits


Artichoke Extract Benefits 

  • Lowers LDL (lousy) Cholesterol
  • Protects your Liver
  • Improves Digestive Disorders


Dr Oz Artichoke Extract Dosage

Take an Artichoke Extract supplement, 325 mg per day, but not for more than 23 months at a time.


Where to buy Artichoke Extract Seen on Dr Oz

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By David Schroer