Dr Oz Bearberry Extract Benefits


On a recent Episode of Dr Oz guest Doctor Sharon Giese mentioned the benefits of soaking in an Epsom salt bath along with the anti-aging benefits of moisturizing with bearberry extract or arbutin on the label. 

What is Bearberry or Uva Ursi 

Also known as Uva ursi, is a plant that grows in the northern hemisphere and has been used for centuries and has many benefits.

Bearberry for Age Spots and Antiaging

Dr Oz recommends using products with bearberry or uva ursi to help prevent and remove age spots and rejuvenate the skin to a healthy vibrancy. Dr Giese says that it took a while for the age spots to appear so it will take some time for them to go away but to stick with it because the results are so worth it.

Where to Buy Bearberry or Uva Ursi Products

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By David Schroer