Dr Oz Best Foods to Fight Pain

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine… This is a long standing proverb which if you really take to heart is quite a literal translation. At the end of the day most drugs being manufactured are simply synthetic forms of a natural process. Dr Oz wants to let everyone know that there are ways we can eat and supplement our diets that can have lasting effects on combating and lessening fatigue.


Menstrual Pain

Flax Seeds have shown to be beneficial in helping with the hormones that increase through your body causing pain. By ensuring these levels are as balanced and regular as possible pain can be alleviated.

Now Foods Organic Flax Seeds


Magnesium deficiency is quite rampant in the western diet and supplementing with magnesium and providing our bodies with enough of this essential for the 1000s of various chemical reactions it is involved is crucial.


Knee Pain

Bromelain which is found primarily in pineapple has been shown to promote optimal inflammation response and even help alleviate symptoms of pain especially in the knee where inflammation is common.

Solaray Bromelain

Back Pain

Cherries can help ease back pain by helping to relax the muscles and thereby allow the blood vessels to dilate allowing nutrient filled blood to reach the area and begin the healing process.

Black Cherry Concentrate


By David Schroer