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Dr Oz: Black Bean C3G for Fat Burning

Recently, Dr Oz mentioned a great way to enhance the body’s own metabolic processes and increase the burning of fat for energy! Dr Oz says that C3G from Black Beans can be very useful in a diet & weight loss regimen!

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dr oz black bean c3g 

How Does C3G work?

C3G or cyanidin 3-glucoside has been found to turn off the gene expression for storing fat while turning on the genes that signal burning for fat for energy! C3G doesn’t just stop there. Studies have shown that it can also slow the absorption of fat from food intake & can promote healthy weight management with harsh side effects.

C3G is also well known for its health benefits on the eyes!

Dr Oz C3G Dosage

Dr Oz Recommended supplementing with up to 1 gram (1000mg) per day while also getting C3G from natural sources like Black Beans Black Rice or Purple Corn three times per week to help block fat accumulation.

Where to Buy Dr Oz C3G

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