Dr Oz Boost Immune System Naturally!

It is imperative to our health that we are giving our immune systems what they require to help fight off attackers this becomes increasingly more important as the colder months arrive and we spend more time indoors in closer proximity to others and germs.


Dr Oz has provided some of the top immune boosting supplements available today at very affordable prices. Dr Oz Understands that the best source of these are direct from the source whole food options but sometimes supplement form can not only be much more convenient but even more potent if standardized or concentrated!


Dr Oz Immune Boosting Recommendations!


Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil is considered natures anti-biotic but it’s better than a prescription anti-biotic because it leaves the good bacteria alone! Our Guts are just that; Bacteria, mostly good but sometimes bad guys get in there. Oil of Oregano acts as a kind of weed killer going in and cleansing the bad bacteria.

North American Herb and Spice Oil of Oregano 


Black Currant Seeds

Having 5x times more Vitamin C then an Orange; Black Currants are not only a great way to get a heft Vitamin C Boost but they also contain anthocyanosides which have proved to be extrememly beneficial for vision and eye health!

Black Currant Seed Oil 


Sage Leaf Extract

Proven to help expel some of that extra mucous our bodies produce to expel bacteria that cause the cold and other respiratory issues. Adding a couple drops of Sage Leaf Oil to hot water or tea can help as a natural expectorant without side effects of some of the OTC options. 

Sage Leaf Extract



Graviola tree or Annona muricata also known as soursop is a tree found in the Amazon and Caribbean islands. The tree leaves have been used for hundreds of years for their many therapeutic effects on the body. Recent studies suggest that Acetogenins, which are found in Graviola can help promote healthy cell growth and function. Additionally Graviola has been used for its calming effects on both the mind and body and can also help promote a positive mood!

Now Foods Graviola



Ginger has been long used in Ayurvedic medicine; helping to warm the body and break down toxins that accumulate in the body; especially in the lungs and sinuses. Ginger is also thought to help cleanse the lymphatic system also known as the body’s sewage system. Help your body remove its own toxins with Ginger!

New Chapter Ginger Force



We Hope this has helped you find a few things that may be the difference in you getting sick this cold & flu season or not! Remember if you ever have questions please feel free to post below!

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By David Schroer