dr oz black bean c3g

Dr Oz C3G Fat Burner & Disease Fighter 

Dr Oz recently recommended a potent antioxidant derived from Black Beans and Black Rice. But can also be supplemented for higher dosages and less calories to increase health and weight management!

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What is C3G

 (Cyanidin-3-gluco-side) a recently discovered compound that promotes a host of benefits. A common flavonoid found in black beans, rice and some berries. C3G as its known has been shown to effectively help the body’s immune system in addition to reducing the body’s ability to store fat.


Dr Oz Black Beans Fight Fat

Now we can get optimal amounts of C3G from food but it is often difficult and in efficient to constantly prepare these foods which is why supplementation can often be very convenient. Sources of the antioxidant C3G include Black Beans, Black Rice as well as some of the darker berries.


Dr Oz C3G Dosage Directions

If your choosing to get your C3G from whole food sources then your going to want to eat one of the recommended foods at least 3 times per day. However is you choose to supplement then taking up to 1gram (1,000mgs) a day is recommended. You can spread these dosages out as well.


Where to Buy C3G

Any health food store should carry C3G supplements but demand is high. We have Life Extension C3G Available Here Right Now!


By David Schroer