Dr Oz Camu Camu

Dr. Oz Camu Camu

Dr Oz recommends Camu Camu as a critical berry that is missing to maintain our youth. Could this little berry from South America actually be the missing key to the fountain of youth? Dr Oz explains that the Camu Camu berry has the highest amount of natural vitamin C known on earth. There are also a very high amount of other essential vitamins and minerals included in this berry. If you are trying to look and feel young again, then the Camu Camu Berry is what you need in your diet plan.

Camu Camu Health Benefits

This berry grows in the rainforest in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru where the fruits and leaves of this berry are used as medicine in parts of the world. Besides all the benefits that Dr Oz mentions about the berry, it is also known to help with multiple health problems.

Anti-Viral Properties:

Helps with Cold Sores, Herpes, Shingles, and the common cold.

Natural Energy Booster:

Helps your eyes and even your gums.

Camu Camu Ingredients:

  • Valine (an essential amino acid)
  • Potassium (helps with heart and kidneys)
  • Leucine (an essential amino acid)
  • Serine (an essential amino acid)
  • Flavonoids (antioxidants)
  • Gallic Acid (anti-viral and anti-fungal properties)
  • Ellagic Acid (anti-diabetic properties)

Camu Camu Vitamin C:

Camu Camu is loaded with Vitamin C. In fact, this berry has more than 60 times more vitamin c than an orange. Vitamin C is so beneficial to us in our daily nutrition plans and it helps improve the overall function of our bodies. One teaspoon of Camu Camu Powder has way more than our 100% recommended daily vitamin c intake.

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory:

The vitamin c in Camu Camu is the main reason it has such strong anti-inflammatory traits. All the other essential amino acids and vitamins inside the little berry also combat disease causing inflammation before it even starts. If you didn't know this already, lower inflammation means a lower risk for disease.

Camu Camu Warnings:

Camu Camu is generally believed to be a safe supplement to take, however the research isn't completely there about the risks it may involve in women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. Always talk to you doctor before starting a new supplement.

Where to Buy Camu Camu Berries?

Unless you live near the rainforest, you might have a hard time finding the actual Camu Camu Berry to purchase. This berry isn't known to be sold in a North American fresh market however they have all the benefits packed into a capsule form. It also comes in a powder form that you can mix with your protein shakes or smoothies. In Peru, it's very common for them to use Camu Camu Powder with their smoothies because the berry is very sour when eaten as a berry so it tastes much better in powder form mixed with a smoothie or other healthy drink.

 Camu Camu Capsules

You can purchase Camu Camu Powder recommended by Dr Oz right here.

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